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Monday, June 6, 2022

Train Tracks, Junk Cars and Hail

 McCook, Nebraska

I wanted to go see the train tracks nearby for I could hear the trains go by very infrequently.

I always imagine myself long ago being a hobo walking the tracks when I stand by them.

I stood there for a long time studying the switch thing from one track over to the side track trying to figure out how it worked.  Guess I’ll have to go back and watch some YouTube video to understand it.

I had to walk through all the dense growth and cross over a deep dry creek bed to get to the tracks.  I passed by an automobile graveyard along the way and would check it out more closely on the way back.

All of the wrecked cars were from the 1930’s and 40’s.
Sure would be nice to know the story behind this and how they all wound up here.

And so we said goodbye to Karrer Park and McCook, Nebraska.
You both have been very good to us.
Sorry we stayed longer than three days.
I left you a donation to make a sign to warn bicycle tenters about the sprinklers.

I mentioned on the previous post about how happy we were the hail missed us.
This is what hail does to an Airstream trailer.
These folks are from Nebraska and stayed a couple days in the park.

From that same storm on the post about the Swiss bike riders.
Good thing we left Oberlin when we did.

Thank you A for sending these images.

Then McCook gave us a parting gift for our last night there.

No damage although very unnerving.  Now I know the solar panels can withstand ping pong ball size hail.
Beans just calmly laid up in her loft throughout the deafening noise.
What a brave little girl she is.

- comment reply -

I kind of jumped the gun on Beans’ recovery.  She had a couple wheezes since but nothing like it has been.  I planned to continue the prescribe (prednisolone) anyway for a few more doses at every other day.  The over the counter antihistamine the Yuma doc suggested if it ever flared up again is Chlorpheniramine 4mg. (a people drug) cut in half twice a day.  I think it had no effect.


Barbara R. said...

Glad no damage to your home on wheels...or the solar panels from hail, and that the big winds went elsewhere!

Billy Blue Eyes said...

Not sure I want to be on the receiving end of those

Debby said...

I am very sure that I don't want to be on the receiving end of those. I imagine it got awfully loud inside your home.

Vicki said...

When I was about 20 19 yrs. old in Ohio it started hailing big balls of hail. I lived in an upstairs apt. and my car windows were down so I ran down the stairs to roll them up. The hail made welts all over me. Hail hurts like heck!

I hope the med. helps and Beans stops wheezing for good!

legsbluetrain said...

I know how the railroad switches work as I watch trains frequently. I hope Beans feels better.

legsbluetrain said...

That track is BNSF Railway