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Sunday, July 10, 2022

A Proper City Park Campground

 Fessenden, North Dakota pop. 462

Now this is the way a city park campground should be.  Take note Carrington.

There is grass, electrical, water, sewer hookup at each site, barbecue stand and picnic tables not hazardous for a person to sit at and use.

There are restrooms with showers right there where you park.
Not a short hike away.
All of this for $15, NOT $35.

Huge grain elevators were nearby but unlike the ones at Edgely these were quiet and did not have the huge ventilation system running constantly.

I walked over to their park.  They had a nice swim pool.  With a population of less than five hundred this was impressive.  Nicely done Fessenden.  Lucky kids.

Not so for the little ones wanting to wade.
That’s going to take some clean-up.

While at the pool a train came roaring by the campground with horns blaring.  
I suspected this for I saw the railroad crossing as soon as we pulled in.

We moved over to the park for the day.

Then went back over to the campground so I could take a shower.  It is kind of humid and I was sticky.
My goodness!  
It had an adjustable pulsating shower head.  I have never come across one before in a campground.

I decided we would stay and deal with the occasional train coming by rather than going out to the highway truck stop and have the possibility of an idling diesel big rig near us.



Barbara Rogers said...

Ah, being clean for a while! I'm sure Beans appreciates that. Enjoy whatever trains came by. I kind of like their rumble, after the whistle which I could live without.

Debby said...

Are you sure it wasn't the pulsating shower head that made up your mind? It would have certainly made up MY mind.

I love drifting off to sleep listening to the far off trains. However, I don't know how much drifting I'd do if I was right next to those trains.

Vicki said...

Everywhere I've lived for the past 30+ years has been near train tracks which wasn't planned and I think is a bit weird, but I love the sound. Thankfully none of them blew their whistle very close to us.

That campground looks like the best one yet. Love the pool and shower head, it looks similar to mine.