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Sunday, July 17, 2022

Camp of the Last Resort


We left Butte and made our way back up to our designated route of Highway 52 at Velva.  They had camping at their city park.  I wasn’t impressed.  There were about ten or so spots staged very close to each other arranged in a L shape pattern.  It backed up against the city pool.  Three campers in big trailers were there.  There was no shade.  The showers had push button combination locks on the doors.  No idea how one got the combination.  We drove across the bridge over the brown stagnant waters of the Souris River to the city park for the shade.  There we stayed until the sun went down at nine and like Dracula, I felt it was safe to come out.  I couldn’t push myself to pay the twenty dollars for the campground fee.  I drove around town finding a couple of possibles to stay for the night.  All were too close to the train crossing.  In the end we went back out onto the highway to the Cenex truck stop to try our luck there.  It was further away from the railroad crossing.  I could hear just one truck idling its big diesel engine.  This is not bad.  (I never imagine myself writing those words regarding a truck idling its engine but when I had been suffering from train horn blowing for days, well there you are)  I have stayed at truck stops before.  They are okay but just subject to highway traffic noise and of course the big trucks idling their engines all night.  This truck stop had little of that.

I had one of the best nights sleep and woke feeling refreshed and energized.

- comment reply -

Thank you Kathe for the great comment on our visit to Butte.  I am going to insert it into this year’s eBook I am working on, if that is okay with you.


Kathe said...

Okay with me, John. :)

Barbara R. said...

Well, that was between a rock and a hard place, I'd say! Glad you got a good night's sleep, and I'm sure you found shade, or were on the road again, in the morning!

Debby said...

It is not often that the last resort works out so wonderfully!