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Tuesday, July 19, 2022



Carpio, North Dakota pop.144

We made it through the sweltering heat then pulled out from the park in the morning.

I parked on Main Street for some photos.

Ever wonder why main streets in older towns are so wide?  That is the room needed to turn a horse drawn wagon around.

One side of the street had a senior center, post office and city hall.

The other side of the street had a bar and cafe.

And there you go. Tour completed.  You’ve seen Carpio.
There is the Lutheran Church and fire department on the other side of the tracks but they were not included in this tour package.  That costs extra.

It is believed the first post office operated out of a railroad car hence the name Car P.O.

This building was built in 1904, six years after the town was established.  No idea what it was for.

And here we have an unhappy cat on the morning we left.  She was having a severe case of ‘tortitude’ a common affliction with torties.  Once she got back inside throughly pissed she went down to her safe space, her hidey-hole for some time-out.  I parked on Main St. for the photo tour.  When I got back she was sitting there at the door, head hung down.  I could see she felt ashamed.  
Sorry Dad about having that meltdown.
You feel better now?
Well that’s okay.  Sometimes those things happen.
We good?
Yeah sweetie, we good.
She climbed up in my lap and we left Carpio.

- comment reply -

I don’t mind the trains Billy, its just the horn blowing at road crossings.  In fact I like the clickty-clak sound of trains passing by.  We were so close to the tracks here at Carpio that the ground shook as the train passed by.  It would make our home move up and down.  Kinda cool.


Kathe said...

I believe the brick building would have been the bank. Looks like the one in Butte. I've always wanted to turn that abandoned building into a home. Imagine the feeling of power having your own safe! I would keep my canned goods in it. ;) I remember going into it once as a child. The woodwork, iron grating and tiny mosaic tiles were like a palace to my farm girl eyes. It felt serious to me. Reminded me of the post office across the street. All the brass boxes with their little windows and combination knobs surrounded by beautiful wood and another official window with grating. C 1/2 and U was our combination. The post office felt happy to me. People stopped to talk and visit. We got baby chicks delivered in the Spring. Cataloges came in the mail. Magic! :)

Barbara R. said...

I'd also vote for a bank...but do wonder how many people would have money to put into it. Perhaps after selling their crops at the grainery (or whatever it's called.) Poor Beans...doing what comes naturally.

Debby said...

First thing I thought was a jail. Tortitude? That made me laugh. My grandson had major tortitude tonight. Like Beans, he got over himself in fairly short order.

Vicki said...

I love reading your posts because I get to go places, see and learn things and they also make me laugh. So, thank you!