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Friday, July 15, 2022



Drake, North Dakota  pop. 292

We had a long drive (7 miles) to our next small town campground.

After a morning thunderstorm I went for a walk around town

Five sets of tracks.

Just imagine the potential.

This house is RIGHT THERE.
How on earth do they manage the horn blowing?

I saw a lot of old clapboard two story houses that the white paint was chipped and peeling away.  I could see a whole lot of work to scrape away the paint (what was left of it) just to get where one would then have to sand it all smooth before painting.  So instead there they sat.  Roofs left me wandering no way they do not have leaks. I didn’t take any pictures because maybe someone was watching me and that wouldn’t be nice.  Then again maybe these homes were no longer lived in. I suppose the easier solution is installing new siding which I saw a few homes in the process of doing.  

This house is priced at $69,900.  
Three bedroom one bath.
Nice and close to the train crossing.

Further away from the tracks in a quieter part of town where the campground and park is
this home is priced at $49,000.
Three bedroom two bath.

In 1973 the Drake school board considered the books Slaughterhouse Five and Deliverance assigned to the sophomore English class to be obscene.  All the books were confiscated and burned resulting in a national controversy.  It wound up in a court settlement including permission for the works to be taught to high school juniors and seniors.  Oh the irony of it all had Fahrenheit 451 been issued to the students.

- comment reply -

Congratulations on your recent retirement John.  Enjoy it fully.  I want to be like your neighbor.  Guess I need to start pulling weeds for two hours everywhere we stop.


Thanks for the updated information on the Alaskan Highway Red.  I still have no interest in doing it.



Shammickite said...

Well, the houses in Drake may be a bit tatty but they do have a really nice Drake town sign, I like it!

Red said...

My home town is Drake Saskatchewan.

Debby said...

The skies in Drake look a lot like the sky here. We could certainly use the rain.

Billy Blue Eyes said...

If the houses like that were sold here5 for that price people would be falling over themselves to buy it5