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Saturday, July 2, 2022


 Jamestown, North Dakota

Jamestown has a population of over fifteen thousand and as such it has a used bookstore.  We stopped by after an overnight at Walmart.

Now granted this bookstore didn’t have the charm as did the Little Corner Book Shoppe but that was all right for the AAUW Used Bookstore delivered!

I had to ask what AAUW stood for.  American Association of University Women. 

So back in September of last year I discovered the Paperback Used Bookstore in Twin Falls, Idaho.  I had been searching thrift stores all over for any Michael Connolly Harry Bosch detective books.  At this store they had most all that I had yet to read.  I walked out with a plastic grocery bag full of paperbacks happy as a little boy on Christmas day.  I have since been reading them in order and had come to the publishing date of the one book I did not have.  I hated to skip beyond to the next book. 
So I have been on this quest for a few months.

And there it was on the top of the stack!  I could not believe my good fortune.  
I had finally found The Burning Room.
I bought three other books while there.  Boy, you think I was happy back there in Twin Falls...

Of course I shared with the lady (you can see her in the second photo) about my delight in finding this book.  She told me she had a guy drive over a hundred miles for a Lee Child hardcover he had been searching for.  “He was in a near panic when he finally arrived fearing the book would be gone.”  The lady asked if I knew of James Patterson.  She’s not the first.  Patterson has been recommended to me several times.  My goodness though, the guy has 372 books out.  I’m not so sure I want to get started with him.

- comment reply -
“How long have you been on the road?” - full time on the road began in October 2016.  Before that were two month road trips once a year for three years.  Short trips were here and there in between. 

“Do you ever get a hankering to NOT be on the road?” - I honestly can say I do NOT.  I cannot imagine going back to living in a house.  Well, I can imagine and I think I would be very unhappy.  I love the freedom and adventure of traveling all over the country seeing something new and different everyday.

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Barbara R. said...

A double kudo to you for living the way you choose in happiness and finding that book. I also preferred the Bosch stories, and just watched the newer version of the Lincoln Lawyer, the offshoot about his brother. They don't even mention him in the film. I also like James Lee Burke for more murder and mayhem, but again, I prefer the ones with the original detective over the offshoots.