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Friday, July 29, 2022

Goodbye Columbus, You’ve Been Good


The next day we discovered a spot just outside of town.   

We spent the day there and questioned why go back to Electrical Company Park?
May as well spend the night here.
And so we did.
Now if we were to continue on the road going to the left...

...in five or so miles we’d be at the border to Canada.  Look at that.  There are no border inspection stations on either side.  There was camping at the Short Creek Dam.  I could go for a walk and in eight tenths of a mile walk into Canada.  All other crossings have stations, not here.  I wondered why?

Our last night in Columbus we finally stayed at the City RV Campground.
Everyone had left.

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I didn’t go in the Group Therapy Lounge to buy a drink.  I no longer drink alcoholic beverages.

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Debby said...

That is pretty neat that you have found a way to visit 🇨🇦. Beans has become an international traveler.