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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Group Therapy Lounge


Columbus, North Dakota

That is the name for the one bar in town.  I like it.

I could see in through the windows into the building to the left.  It was nicely done inside complete with pool table, newish looking bar stools and an attractive decor.  Not a scuzzy looking bar.

It is a non-smoking establishment so the smokers go outside around back to this picnic table.
Look underneath.

Google has the hours as Noon - 1 a.m. seven days a week.  There are no hours written outside.  I guess the locals just know.  When the noon siren goes off, it opens.  Saturday I caught it open.  It had a fair number of customers - maybe a dozen or so cars came and went.  Add a few golf carts and ATVs to that.  I only observed one smoker at the picnic table.  An old guy with a white beard, shorts and spindly legs.  He reminded me of an old salt sea captain.  He’d sit out there with his beer in a plastic cup and have a smoke then go back inside.  Sunday it never opened.  Monday came.  The siren went off.  No one there.  Ten minutes later the kid I see zipping around town on his little motorbike came racing up to the lounge.  Outside stood the Old Salt waiting.  The kid handed him the keys to the door then sped off.  Old Salt went on inside.  I’m still trying to figure this one out.

Meanwhile back home Beans tries to get into the shed out back every time we walk around.
I’m getting wise to her now.

Our neighbor across the street.  I see her in her garden beyond.  Here she is cutting her neighbor’s grass. I have seen no activity at the neighbor’s house.  There is an old 80’s era Buick parked out front.  It pleased me to watch her mow the grass.  I caught her swatting away a mosquito.  
YES!  They do bother the locals; not just me. 

It took me a couple of days of torment before I remembered I had some repellent with me.  I don’t like the smell or feel of insect repellent.  I found this several years ago while in Washington.  I bought it out of desperation.  I can stand having this on me and my goodness, the stuff really works in repelling the mosquitos.  It is so nice to buy a product that actually does what it is advertised to do.

- comment reply -

100,000 used books?  You bet David I looked up where Alberton was in Montana.  Although we will be in Montana next I don’t foresee us crossing the state to the west end this year.  We did that last year when fuel was cheaper.  And yes, I take your comments with a smile as I hoped you would for my saying your question stirred up the mosquitoes here. 


Debby said...

Do you think 'old salt' owns the bar? Maybe he walked down forgetting his keys and called someone to fetch them down to him?

Debby said...

PS: maybe you should wander on in there and get yourself a drink and visit a while. I bet you would find out in short order.

Upriverdavid said...

I make every attempt to keep smiling...
Makes my world much better, I even share..
Driving down the back roads of states I visit, a honk-smile & a wave to folks on porches or tractors in the fields.
I almost always get a positive response.