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Monday, July 11, 2022

Harvey, North Dakota

 We had a fairly good night in Fessenden with just one train coming through at 3 a.m.

Then there was the severe thunderstorm at 6 a.m. that finally got us up for good.

It was a short drive to our next town, Harvey pop.1650
I was holding the camera level for this photo.

The nearly constant wind sweeping across the prairie from the west has pushed the sign back.

The campground is very nice, has lots of spaces and is right across the street from a railroad crossing (horns blasting way too many times) and a bunch of tracks where they hook up and unhook railroad cars.  
This will be a problem. (Boy, that was an understatement - watch for the next post)

Respectable rates.  I’ll not mention Carrington again.  I promise.
Taylor could use a lockbox like that.
Notice the baggie empty of envelopes.
You know what that means.

I walked across the street to take in more of their park.

Another fine example of a small town having a very nice swim facility.

And there was a bonus, a miniature golf course.

I saw no sign of it costing anything and the booth was closed.  
By the looks of it maybe no one ever plays.
If you had your own club and ball you could walk right in.
Maybe that is how it works.

Behind the golf course and pool this was for some purpose at some time long ago.

These trees will take on a lean as they mature.
The wind is relentless.  
In fact the next day was supposed to be up to thirty mile per hour winds so we may be here a couple days.


Debby said...

That sign is an amazing picture. I never realized that could happen, that a sign could actually be moved by the wind. So 30 mph winds must be a pretty normal thing for that part of the country? Do they have wind turbines?

Toc said...

Great RR tracks/sunset photo! I think all trains have to blow their horns at every crossing--maybe 2 longs and a short?