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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

How Far Are We From...

 Columbus, North Dakota

We are loving Columbus.  I cannot recall how far back it was we were in a town that was so peaceful and quiet.  No trains and no highway noise.  Even back to Taylor, Nebraska which I enjoyed so much Taylor did have some highway noise occasionally.

This day we moved out by the unused railroad crossing.  Notice the swallow nests under the eave.

They did not like Beans out wandering around.
Danger!  Danger!  High alert!

In case you wanted to know how far it was to somewhere this stood on the street corner nearby.

This sign was at the park where we hung out that first day.  I didn’t notice it then.

 It seems their school went the way of Flaxton and others in this area.

 I tried to find pictures online but being named ‘Columbus’ too many false images showed up. 
Kathe had left this comment previously which helped explain the school system that lives today:
“There were 3 classes of school districts in North Dakota when I grew up. A,B and C.  As the children grew up and left the state incorporated the small districts into the larger and bussed the kids.”

I did discover that the kids from these towns are being bussed to one school in Lignite, ten miles away.

I can only guess that the school in that image on the Columbus sign once stood here in today’s park.
I have not found any building in town that large.

- comment replies -
Thank you Debby about the bug spraying information.  What you wrote makes sense.
And thank you Jeff for the kind words about the blog and eBooks. That means a lot to me. I appreciate it.



Upriverdavid said...

I was just wandering around the net and found a book store in Aberton, Mt. They say they have 100,000 used books, and I thought of you.
The downside it looks as if it's on a frontage road just off I-90, and I think a choo-choo is on the other side.
Just West of Zoo-town...(;+)...Oh Well...

Barbara Rogers said...

What a bunch of swallows! I guess none were on the ground for Beans to even explore. I loved the signpost. So anyone can know exactly where they are in relation to all those other places! Then you can be here now!

Billy Blue Eyes said...

After reading through your last few blogs I can honestly say none of those towns would float my boat, they look bleak

Debby said...
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Debby said...

Let's try that again! Well, by golly, it appears that you can get to anyplace in the world from Columbus, ND.