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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Lucky Duck


Pipestream Reservoir, Jamestown, N.D

In the morning.

Just look at the reflection.  So calm it was the first morning...and the next.

As I mentioned there was a lot of bird activity down by the lake.  There were a couple gulls that hung around.  I always associate them with the coastal waters so it makes me wonder how a few wind up so far away from their normal habitat.
There are two pelicans here too, one of my favorite birds.

On my walk around the shoreline I found dinner for that evening.
Lucky me.

Best of all was finding this duck skull.  I soaked it in water all night.  I picked away the remaining tissue and then took a toothbrush to it.  I then set it out in the sun all day. 

It came out much nicer than I expected and am very pleased with the result.
He now sets up on the dash along with all the other bones and will travel along with us now.

I am pretty sure we will be moving on today (Friday).  This has been super nice staying down by the lake for a few days but the urge to move is too great to resist.  The adventure must continue.


Sandi said...


Barbara R. said...

I wonder why we just love a beautiful view, and peace and quiet, but after a while we want to be moving on...a human trait I think.

Debby said...

I think that the urge to move on comes from the heart of an optimistic soul who can't wait to see what beauty lies around the corner.

That duck skull is a very cool find! I never really gave it much thought that it would have a bill.

We live near the Kinzua reservoir, and you can go to the dam and throw bread of the top of it. The gulls swoop and fly and snap it up in mid air. If they miss a bit, it will fall into the water below where it is snapped up by massive carp. Kids get such a kick out of it. (Side note: so do I.)

Upriverdavid said...

I've never seen a quacker skull.
I have quite a few on posts at the entry to my digs..Just a warning to any unpleasants...
It has seemed to work.