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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

No Idea Where We Will Sleep

Bowbells, North Dakota pop. 301

We left Carpio not knowing where we would wind up.  Could be simply a truck stop.   We passed by the town of Kenmare without even looking.  I just wasn’t feeling it.  Further on up the highway we came upon Bowbells.  Time for lunch so I pulled off the highway.  We came upon their little park.  A good place to take a break.  I drove around the block and lo and behold they had camper parking!

It was next to their city pool.  I am always impressed with these little towns that can afford to go the route and dig a pool for the kids to enjoy.

Oh my!  The restroom has a shower.  Well this changes things.

I knew ahead that we would be in for a severe thunderstorm with possible damaging hail that evening.  One spot off to the side had full on shade all day.  That would be a welcoming relief from the hot sun.  And maybe at night those trees will shield us a bit from the hailstorm.
So we stayed.

With little sun hitting the solar panels I knew they wouldn’t be able to keep the batteries charged up.
So for only the second time this year I went through the bother to plug in.

Now I could get some work done on the laptop.  
My workspace needs a bigger table.  Or maybe I just need a smaller cat.

At eleven that night the tornado sirens in town went off.  The neighbors across the road were standing outside looking up.  Is that what I was supposed be doing?  Then I thought what if I have to leave?   I went outside in the rain and whipping wind to unplug that electrical cord and stuff it back into the compartment.  Back inside throughly drenched I dried off and waited, watching what the neighbors would do.  Things settled down, I got tired watching them and went back to bed.


Debby said...

Oh, Beans will have quite the catitude when she reads the part about a smaller cat! Outrage will ensue! ("What? Are you saying I'm fat??????")

Tornadoes are scary and random. I pretty much ignore weather alerts. I do not ignore tornado alerts.

Barbara Rogers said...

There's no tornado shelter offered at the campgrounds? Pooh on them. I think I would have been in the shower room until an all clear.There's warnings and watches, and I never remember which one means tornado sighted coming your way...