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Saturday, July 9, 2022

Rip-Off Campground


We left Pipestem (Holy moly, I’ve been calling it ‘Pipestream’ all this time!) Reservoir and drove the few miles back into Jamestown to pick up some things at Walmart.  Then at ten we returned to the AAUW Bookstore.  I read two of the books I had bought there a week ago and wanted to give them back.  I don’t like hauling around already-read books.  I had a nice visit with two different ladies there this time then walked out with two new books.  I can’t help myself.

Our next stop would the town of Carrington (pop. 2080) forty-some miles due north.  Their city park had camping.  Oh what a lovely campground.  All the electrical posts were covered off.  “Do not use”?

The picnic tables were so old and weathered that splinters were likely to be had.
I didn’t realize Beans was in this photo.

You had no shade, no fire ring, no barbecue grill. For the price you should have all of that plus a sewer connection but at least you got train honking.  This is the most high-priced city park camp I have ever come across in all my travels.  You got nothing worthwhile but a water faucet and dirt to park on for $35.

This lady pulled in at the other end and began to set up a tent.  I went down to talk to her.
“Oh, hi there.”
“Did you know it costs thirty-five dollars to stay here?”
Her mouth fell open.  When she regained the ability to speak she said “I didn’t see that.”
I pointed over to the sign.  “This is a rip-off.”  I went on about other places I have stayed at where you got so much more in a nicer setting for much less, or even just a donation.  
I asked if she was heading south for I was going to suggest Pipestem to her but she was going different direction.
“Well I just wanted you to know before you went through all the bother of setting up your tent.
“Thank you for telling me.”  Then she continued on with setting up her tent!
I must be more of a tightwad than I thought.  I filled up our water tank and we left.

We drove fourteen more miles to New Rockford (pop. 1391) and stopped for lunch beneath a shade tree in the vacant lot behind a service station.

While eating I discovered the town had a campground at their Archie and Jessie Campbell Memorial Park less than a mile up the road.  We went to go see it.  
Unfortunately a group of squatters from Minnesota had taken over the campground.  They had been there so long that the grass had grown up nearly a foot beneath their trailers.  I suspect they are road workers on a project here.  At least I took advantage of the shower facility they had.  
 I didn’t take pictures of the shower and restrooms.  I’ve done enough of those over the years.  If you are still interested in seeing them, leave a comment and I’ll keep on showing them.

 We returned to our lunch spot.  
It may not be scenic but it was quiet, shady and with no other campers anywhere.

I like vacant lot camping Dad.  There’s lots to watch and interesting smells coming in on the breeze.


Barbara R. said...

Being in the shade these days gives you 5 degrees less of heat...or so it seems when I walk from sunshine into shade! Glad you saved the $35 and had two new books to read!

John W. Wall said...

Maybe the camper was hoping no one would come to collect the fee. I just encountered a $29/night campsite and thought even that was too much. No one else thought so, though, as it was completely booked.

Vicki said...

Seems like a high price even if you did get all the things you didn't.

"but at least you got train honking" LOL!

Beans is a beauty!

Debby said...

That is quite a lot of money for nothing. Criminy.