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Thursday, July 21, 2022



Upriver David left the comment: “Any skeeter issues with all the campsites you’ve visited so close to water?”  

Well no we have not had any issues at all...UNTIL YOU ASKED!  

The day after the tornado warning storm we went outside for a walk in the park late that afternoon.  A herd of mosquitos swooped in on us!  That was the first mosquito encounter this year!  Thank you very much David.

I have seen these trucks spraying in a couple other small towns.  The sprayer on the back sounds like a small model airplane engine.  They drive up and down the streets as the sun goes down.  My question is does this do any good?  They are in the middle of the street dozens of feet away from where those blood sucking insects are lying in wait.  Also, just how healthy is this for Beans and I to inhale?  Wait, we’re safe.  We are with the mosquitos far away from the chemical cloud in the middle of the roadway.

The morning we left we toured downtown Bowbells looking for something photo-worthy.  I found nothing except the hotel on the corner which looked to be in operation.  Bowbells with a population of three hundred didn’t have a grocery store, place to eat, coffee shop, or gas station.  Come to think of it I don’t recall seeing a bar either.

We drove less than ten miles north to this place.

Although there looked to be a lot of people here, no one was home.  Most all these trailers were just sitting there.  I stopped a lady as we pulled in.
“Are there any mosquitos here?” I asked.
“No, we haven’t found any” she replied.  
I looked down by the shoreline.  People were wandering about in short shorts and swim suits.  Okay, this looks good for five dollars a night.
Beans and I went for a walk.  We found the mosquitos.  I got five bites before making it back to the safety of the RV.

Being only five miles from the Canadian border I guess this comes with the territory.
Mosquitos: The only creature on earth that can make you appreciate flies.

Inside I killed two more as they were piercing my skin while I was checking out the cell service signal.  It was loading at glacier speed.  Then I read the rules on the pay envelope.  I didn’t have my lawn mower with me.  We left.

Seven miles to the west was the town of Flaxton.  Population was sixty-six and that was back in 2010.  On the outskirts of town was a big shade tree behind the City of Flaxton storage shed.  We had good cell service.  The tower stood on the otherside of Highway 52.  We couldn’t find a single skeeter.  
We called this “home”.
Notice the brick building on the left.  Tomorrow’s post.

And my, what a lovely home this once was back in the day.

I thought about how in the not too distant future nothing like this will remain to be seen.
Generations beyond will have only photos to look at.

- comment reply -
No, did not swim in the pool.


Debby said...

When I was in the Army, I actually was part of the spraying operations on base. The chemical used was malathion. The thing that I remember is being on the back of the truck operating the hose/gun apparatus, and the kids running along behind the truck as I operated it. Makes me sick to think of now, all these years later.

When I operated the mosquito program for the county, we used Bti, which was much more environmentally safe. Here's the dealio though. A lot of our county is swamps and farmland and the simple fact of the matter is no. These methods cannot knock down the mosquito population in any meaningful way.

I am going to go out on a limb and make a guess. The county you're in is having a problem with Equine Encephalitis or West Nile Virus. A disease outbreak will spark a response like what you are seeing. They are attempting to minimize a mosquito population in a 'hot spot'.

Jackie M said...

You know, you only had to mow if you stayed a week....you never stay a week!
Did look a little crowded though for what I can see you prefer.
Fascinated by the places you find.

Upriverdavid said...

Sorry Dudes...We are getting nailed here, and it seems everyone else is in all the campsites in 200 miles I've tried to escape to..
Barn Kat is really hurting his nose and ears.
Have I said we hate those *****'n skeeters?