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Friday, July 22, 2022

The Ghost School Mystery

Flaxton, North Dakota 

Taking Beans for a walk we worked our way around to the front of the brick building.

It looked as if the ruins of their school.

I could see that the double doors were ajar.
This would warrant some exploring.
I took Beans home.  I don’t need to be worrying about what she might getting into.
Not to mention having to carry her through the jungle of grass and weeds in front.

I got to the doorway.  I thought I could hear voices echoing inside.  Are there homeless people living in here I wondered?  It was dark, gloomy and very spooky.  I eased my in.  I saw no one.  It turned out to be pigeons cooing.  The wall to the right was black with mold from rain leakage.
Keep in mind it was much darker inside that these photos show.
I brightened them up as much as possible.

The place looked to be the town trash dump.
The hardwood flooring was covered with filth and greasy oil stains in places.
The place stunk with decay.

I didn’t venture up onto the stage.
I had seen and smelled enough gloominess. 

I lost several photos due to the low level of light and not holding the phone steady enough.
Only one of three of the pushed back bleachers came out good enough to use.
I thought about all the games played here, the cheering and yelling.  Happy times long gone.

On my way out I passed a side room with the piano.
I thought of how many times it had been wheeled out onto the floor for musical productions and plays.
This added to my sadness, a piano left to waste.

The auditorium was all that remained of the school.  Where were the rest of the buildings?  Perhaps the main school occupied the large grass field out in front.  Maybe it once stood here and had long since been demolished.

Out by the road was this.  I thought about how sad it must have been on the last day of the school year in 1986 knowing you would no longer be attending your school.  You would be bussed elsewhere.
Notice the photo.

I found this online for the Flaxton high school.
I would discover the next day this was not in front of the auditorium.
See tomorrow’s post.

I also found this for Flaxton school.
Maybe this was in front before the auditorium was built?
The older building matches that in the photo on the sign.

Now this is all that stands where the school once did.
It looked little used.
The weeds were reclaiming their land.

- comment reply -

Thank you Debby for the mosquito comment and information.  I will be posting a follow-up on the mosquito issue in a couple of days.  It may contain some silliness.  Ignore that.


Jackie, the mower remark is just some of that silliness I write at times.  


Vicki said...

So sad that the school was closed. Looks like it was beautiful at one time. I'm surprised someone didn't take that piano. In the 3rd picture, is that a cylinder head I see? If it is I wonder how it ended up there.

Kathe said...

First, that storm in Bowbells had to be scary for you and Beans! I remember those winds across the prairie.
Todays blog is bittersweet for me. There were 3 classes of school districts in North Dakota when I grew up. A,B and C. Butte was C. As the children grew up and left the state incorporated the small districts into the larger and bussed the children. This left these schools unused and unloved. Too bad an enterprising builder did not repurpose all that good lumber. The town sold our school, the messed up right side, to a bee keeping operation. Migrant working people from Mexico. They had already "remodeled" the original building into apartments and senior center leaving the beauty of the outside and gutting the beauty of the inside. It was oak with lovely stairways and woodwork. Makes me sick thinking about it. The comparison to human lives is vivid. You were hearing the voices of the past. It takes effort and courage to look back and forward at the same time. We must though, for our children. Thank you for sharing these pictures.

Debby said...

How funny! We went to on old abandoned brick school. It was the elementary school I attended 50+ years ago. It was a strange thing to walk through those halls full of memories. We would like to buy it, but it requires a lot thinking. The present owner is unrealistic. There are also a great many laws that could trip us up. Meanwhile a grand building quietly falls to ruin.

Upriverdavid said...

I hope you take my comments with a smile. I never mean any harm ever. I've found that on the net things said don't come across the same as meant
Geez I have w-11 here and it keeps messing with me. Get me back to Vista or something.W-7?