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Friday, July 1, 2022

You Can Never Go Back...

 ...and expect to find things as they once were and how you remembered them.

Jud, North Dakota

Sinbad and I went to Jud thirteen years ago. It was one of those things to see on one of our oddity tours.


Thirteen years ago.

Jud is kind of out of the way, off the beaten track. 

With a population of seventy-two it is not even referred to as a village, but a “rural hamlet”.

We were in the neighborhood and I thought I would do a revisit so Beans could see it. 

Time and the elements have aged the murals.

Overall it looked as if the town had aged also.

It just didn’t seem to have that spark I felt back in September of 2009.

Maybe back then I was a lot more excited about what all I saw since traveling 
like we do was all new and exciting to me back then.  Don’t get me wrong as I still find newness and wonderment in our travels but back then I was just beginning this joruney. 

Still I was happy to have made the effort to come back to Jud and see how things may have changed.

This old car was there then.  It is holding up well to the brutal North Dakota winters.

Look closely to see real chicken wire in place.

The real “You Never Can Go Back” feeling hits most for me when revisiting National Parks.
Changes have to be made to accommodate the growing numbers of visitors.

We spent most of the day parked alongside one of the dirt roads in town enjoying the quiet.

As it was approaching tea time we moved on for Jamestown twenty miles away.

- comment reply -
We didn’t camp at the drive-in theater as it was a still working theater.  But that thought triggered a vague memory of indeed staying over night at an abandoned drive-in.  I can picture the place in my mind and remember the smoke being so intense from nearby wildfires but cannot recall where it was.
Possibly Nevada.


Barbara Rogers said...

Someone in that community of so few was an artist. That's rare enough, but then to have painted all those very nice murals for folks to look at, rather than blank walls all over the place, just WOW. Thanks for going back, now that I'm a blog friend and got to see your post today.

Debby said...

It is sad to see decline. How long have you been on the road? Do you ever get a hankering to NOT be on the road?

Vicki said...

I love old cars etc. and I love murals, which means that I love this post!