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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

A Walk Around Town

(I think I posted two entries today. I’ve got so much material I’m confused.  Be sure to scroll part this post to Mr. Strolies neighbors.) 

Ambrose, North Dakota

It is a fine day (they all have been), lets go for a walk shall we?

Yeah, sure thing, security cameras.

This house was in sad shape.

Yes Billy, there are some that even I wouldn’t walk inside of for fear it would fall down around me.

I was intrigued with the sidewalks since there are no paved streets, curbing or gutters.

Out back of this house was the final resting place for this old Buick.

A surprise find in the old shed in back.

The owners had built a sauna.

This house looked to be in good shape, ready to move in to.

This must have been the talk of the town when they painted their home this color.

Whoever lived here must have been an artist.


On the east edge of town once sat what must have been a grand home with an entry of two concrete pillars.  They are all that remains today.

We will continue our walk tomorrow.


Barbara R. said...

Oakie Doakie, for the curious! I've found an Arthur Stortie who lived most of his life in Ambrose, and is buried there somewhere. He lived until July 16, 1999, but died in Crosby ND age 90. Full name Arthur O'Connel Stortie, parents from Norway. His sister and father also lived in Crosby ND where he died. His occupation was farm laborer, but he also worked on the railroad, so an application for RR Pension is among the documents. For his WW II draft card he gave an uncle's name for next of kin. His death certificate's informant was a man named Emersen, who I don't see on his tree...as worked up by one of his descendants. He had been baptized, but never married.

Jackie M said...

Here's the County Property Appraiser web site https://divide.northdakotaassessors.com/search.php
That should be able to give you ownership info...
The pictures are fascinating. It's like everyone just got up and left one day.

Robin said...

I am really enjoying your walks through these houses. Incredible to think some may have been empty for 50 or 60 years.

Barbara R. said...

Forgive misspelled Strolie...not Strotie!

Debby said...

Thanks, Barbara. I have been reading a lot about Ambrose, but I don't have a subscription to ancestry.com to read about the people who lived there. Now I am curious about another thing. Why do you suppose he had a marriage hygiene pamphlet in his house?