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Wednesday, August 3, 2022

A Whole Lot of Nothing


Crosby, North Dakota

Sitting here at the fairgrounds over the weekend I got to thinking ahead as to what we will heading into as we continue west.  Soon we will be in the northeast quadrant of Montana.  New territory for us.  Campgrounds and places to stay are few and far in-between.  I then thought about propane.  If I was smart I should top off the tank while here in Crosby.  I got to looking as to where to get propane.  It didn’t look promising.  I was facing a situation much like that back in Oberlin, Kansas.  And that is exactly what happened.  I could get propane at this place when the truck returned.  Fortunately it was due back in a half an hour and I got our propane.  Whew!  Otherwise I might have to had to drive all the way back to Minot a two hour drive.  Just to give you an idea how remote this area is, I haven’t seen a McDonalds in four weeks.  The nearest one is over the border in Saskatchewan over fifty miles away.  Here in the states one is at fifty-five miles and the next one a hundred miles away.  Not that I would ever go to a McDonalds but just pointing out that if there isn’t a McDonalds around any closer than that you really are out in the sticks.

Interesting point about this place was a young woman was working in the garage on the vehicle.

Happy to have accomplished that we went over to a small park in town for the shade.

Beans had no interest in going over into the park.  I wandered over and discovered Mosquito Pond.
Notice the bucket and hose.  There is a submersible pump in the bucket with a generator (off to the right) powering the pump in a feeble attempt to drain the pond from this morning’s thunderstorm.

The outlet from the pump.

I was a bit slow on catching the full double rainbow from an earlier afternoon thunderstorm.

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Regarding the people across the street in that house, they are not jobless.  They both leave in the morning for work and come back in the late afternoon.  The guy has a big brand new expensive diesel monster truck that had to have cost well over $50,000.  They’re not poor.  They’re lazy.

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Barbara R. said...

No Mac D's? Well, I certainly would survive, but not sure my grandchildren would. That's how they've been raised. Oh well, working parents (theirs) probably were glad to skip fixing dinners sometimes. Have fun in nowhere Montana! Bet that it will be pretty.