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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Alkabo School


The school house looks to be in remarkable condition.

More about that and its history coming up tomorrow.

I stepped through the gate in front wondering how many school children had passed through here.

The school bell still resides in place.

The playground equipment was some of the most antiquated I had ever seen.

I had never seen one of these before.

And this slide has to be the longest I have ever seen.
I thought climbing the ladder would give me the best photo opportunity to capture all of Alkabo.

The street angling away in the distance is where we just walked up from.

With my picture taken do I climb back down or do I slide down?
What do you think I did?

I slid and let me tell you that was a most memorable moment.
I walked away with the biggest smile on my face, simply exhilarated. 
That was so much fun.

The backside of the school.  Kim said they had just recently repainted the school.

“Teacher, I have to go to the bathroom.”
“Okay Johnny.  Just don’t dilly-dally to and from.”

Lets walk up the steps and peek through the windows.

Oh my goodness...it is unlocked!
We can go inside?

- to be continued -

- comment reply -
I suspect Kim’s husband did farming as does most people in these parts.  He had a lot of farm equipment around his place. I don’t think Kim worked apart from keeping up the place and cutting grass.  Oil and gas wells abound so there is a job opportunity.  As for grocery shopping Crosby about thirty miles away is the only place in the entire county.  It has the one grocery store and a Dollar General. Two gas stations are in Crosby also. In fact when we left Ambrose we backtracked to Crosby for a few food items then returned to get to Alkabo. Williston around sixty miles to the south has a Walmart among other stores.  Kim says if she has to go there, she’s ready all too soon to get back home.  Cell phone towers are all around and there is always satellite dishes for TV watching.  Additionally, while in Ambrose I’d see two FEDEX trucks and a UPS truck come in every single day.  When we were further east in Flaxon, Bowbells, Carpio they would make the hour drive to Minot for whatever they needed.  And they planned ahead for weeks.


Debby said...

The school is unlocked! Now I am getting very excited! Can't wait until tomorrow. This is so great! Ps I am glad you went down the slide. Tim and I were forced to ride the carnival rides just last week, the youngest being too small to ride alone. We had fun too.

Barbara R. said...

That's my playground! In St. Louis in the 50s. The slide, and that line of swings...though we just had swings, no ring things. But we called the turning thing an ocean wave...it went around and tilted up and down. What great memories. Now I dare say the school insides will have black boards (not green) and little desks attached to chairs by iron frames...the desk tops would open up to keep your books in. Well, if it were my school! They have done their children proud with that paint job. I guess they get bussed in from all the district.

Kathe said...

We've all heard the old adage, a slide a day keeps the doctor away. ;) Makes me smile picturing that. I wonder if Beans would like to join you next time, and I do hope there will be a next time?

Ellen D. said...

That school looks great from the outside. I can't wait to see more tomorrow. Is the building used at all anymore then?
We used to have slides like that and I remember you had to be careful on hot sunny days that you didn't burn your legs going down!

Shammickite said...

Looking forward to seeing the inside of the school. Surprising to have a well maintained school with a population of 3!
And please find out what Akabo means.
The park where I live in Ontario had similar playground equipment when I first moved here, including a HUGE slide and rickety ladder to get to the top, no safety railings at all. But all gone now.... it's all very safe and absolutely not much fun!!!!!
I'm so glad you went down the slide. Polished by many bums.

Billy Blue Eyes said...

You are finding interesting places to explore. The school looks like it could still be in use

Upriverdavid said...

Did you have any wax paper with you to help slipp'n down the slide?
Too old for ya?