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Friday, August 5, 2022


 Ambrose, North Dakota

Pop. 17 - 20 ?

Initially I was a bit disappointed in that Ambrose didn’t appear to be all that much of a ghost town.  It was difficult to tell if people were still living in some of the homes or not.  I didn’t feel comfortable just parking anywhere as that write-up suggested.  I finally settled on a spot just before leaving town.  I got out for a walk and then warmed up to Ambrose.

Main Street looking north towards Canada 3.2 miles away.

Turn around looking south for two blocks, the end of Ambrose.

The only business in operation on Main Street.
The only business building that wasn’t about to fall down either.

There isn’t much to say so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Tomorrow we will go inside some of these abandoned houses.

- comment reply -

We didn’t stay on Lovers Lane.  We are one block north at the corner of 4th Street at the west end.


Debby said...

Oooh. Can't wait until tomorrow's post! Why would a town of 17-20 need its own post office, I wonder?

Barbara R. said...

Was just thinking like Debby said...I can't believe they keep a post office going. Looking forward to seeing some old antiques there! Maybe someone lives in one of the houses, so better knock first.

Toc said...

Kudos on rusty tractor and pickup shots! Target-rich environment for sure.