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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Fairgrounds Mysteries


Crosby, North Dakota

This huge building is off to the side of us.  By the looks of the faded and peeling paint it didn’t look promising in being in operation anymore.  I found an entry online for arenas and it was dated May 2007.  Not only is (or was) an ice rink inside for pleasure ice skating and hockey games but it also doubled as roller rink during more humane times of the year.  I can ice skate but loved roller skating much more.

Around the back side of the arena I have seen county dump trucks pull up to that large centrally located door.  There must a be a mountain of gravel stored inside for they scoop up loads to haul off to some county road project.  So sad to see this no longer being used for what it was intended.
I am sure glad that I was fortunate to live my childhood in a time when these activities were popular
and to have those memories.

To walk on further to the left is the one and only grandstand on the fairgrounds.  With only a little over two thousand people in Divide County they didn’t need a large grandstand.

The thing that mystified me was what took place down there?  It is too small for rodeo stuff.  Too small for dirt race cars.  There is no fencing just a weed covered dirt berm all the way around.  What is the wire fencing supposed to protect the spectators from?

Finally there is this house on the other side of the street from where we park in shade.  It is so uncared for. I saw no activity there all weekend.  I could hear their cat howling on the front porch wanting in.  Finally they showed up late Sunday.  Truck and car pulls up.  I saw suitcases and duffle bags.  A big guy, two women and three kids.  Once seeing them I understood why the place looked like it did.
I’ll be nice and say no more about them.

There was a lawn mower around the side.  Have some pride and mow the grass so the kids can play in the yard.  Oh wait, they are inside playing video games.  Stupid me.
I hope they fed the cat.

In case you are wondering they still hold a yearly event at the fairgrounds.
I saw a flyer posted inside where the chickens and rabbits were showed.
June 17-20.
And guess what?  In looking up the date for the fair I discovered what the dirt arena is for.
They hold a destruction derby in there.  


Debby said...

This post is a sad one to me. 'Uncared for': the cat, the house, the arena... Your little town of Taylor is not much bigger than this, but it is not uncared for. I wonder what the difference is?

Barbara R. said...

Like attracts like perhaps? To answer the question posed about how this town's citizens have more care inside than out in it's community! Of course the pandemic has spread poverty and joblessness around pretty lavishly.

Shammickite said...

I was going to suggest a demolition derby but you beat me to it!