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Monday, August 15, 2022

Farewell Ambrose


Ambrose, North Dakota

It was time to be moving on.  We had been in Ambrose for a long time, long enough we had become a curiosity to the residents.  They would slowly drive by to see if we were still here.  “No visitor has ever stayed this long in town.  There must be something wrong or they’re just plain nuts.”  

We just wanted to be left alone.

The last day I walked by the crumbling mansion to the end of the street where it met the railroad tracks then followed the tracks to Main Street.  The Ambrose bar was still unlocked. 

 I sat on the bench out front to get a sticker out from my socks.  
A guy drove by in his truck and waved.  “Geez, is that old guy still here?” 

I paid a little more attention to this store front thinking it might be Miller’s store from Helen’s poem.
The left half was a large garage and service area.

The right half appeared to have been a hardware and parts store.

Which also included appliances too.
The Home Depot of Ambrose.

Two more wringer washer machines.  I love those machines.
If I lived in this area I’d probably wind up collecting old wringer washers as a hobby.

On the garage end of the building was the doorway to nowhere.
Watch out for that first step, its a doozy.

In the field next to the store sat this 1953 Buick Roadmaster. 
What a wonderful car they were.  They had a inline straight eight motor.
This car just wanted to be turned loose on our nation’s highways.
Road Trip!

An early 40’s International Harvester flat bed truck.

On the right end of the building the second level was exposed to the sky,
the ceiling and roofing long gone...somewhere.
It looked to have held more pieces and parts for whatever you were fixing.

Someone was mowing the field where Markus Fleck’s memorial was when I started out on my walk.
On the way back he was done and gone.

This sign wasn’t here before.  He must have pulled it up from the grass.
So this now solves the mystery as to why all the electrical outlets around the perimeter.

This feral cat lived somewhere along the street of vacant homes by us.  He was very shy and wanted nothing to do with me.  He might have liked to visit with Beans but since I was always with her the cat would move on, quickly.

So we say goodbye to Ambrose.  You’ve been good to us.
Look closely above and slightly to the right from Beans behind 
and you can see where Mr. Strolie’s cabin sets.

Arthur O’Connell Strolie

Thank you Barbara from all of us for the photo.

- comment reply -

The only time I got injured exploring was a bee sting on my hand at the entrance to a mine.  I had been stung before by various creatures but this one was extremely painful.  Needless to say I retreated very quickly.  Now I am very attune to the sound of bees at mine entrances and don’t even think about going in if I hear buzzing sound.


Anonymous said...

I will miss Ambrose. Thank you for taking us along on this trip. That hardware store with all the brand new old appliances was amazing. One question still…why did the people just walk out and leave it all behind? We will never know.

Barbara R. said...

Earlier ghost towns of the west are all over the place, many where gems or minerals were mined. This is slowly moving into being a more modern ghost town...kind of stop action from your visit. But it doesn't seem to have had much to support it in the first place...mainly farms and a rail connection. Thousands of those across the land. It's been most enjoyable for me to have your virtual tour of the places that remain.

Ellen D. said...

You certainly give a lot of info about the places you visit and the photos you take. I appreciate your knowledge and I look forward to more of your adventures! Thanks, John!

Kathe said...

Wringer Washers look like Disney characters. Like they can laugh and dance. Arthur looks like a character too. Fun loving. Nice to remember him that way.
Thank you for the long and interesting walk through this spot on the earth. Goodbye and God bless the folks in Ambrose that are and were and maybe even just maybe, to come.

Debby said...

Anonymous was me. Not sure why.

Shammickite said...

Oh my goodness, I have really enjoyed this trip around Ambrose. It's amazing to me that places like this exist. So glad I got to meet Arthur. Keep on with the exploration!