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Thursday, August 4, 2022

I Just Have To Go See This


Ambrose, North Dakota

Pop. 2010 - 26 
        2020 - 24
2021 estimate - 17

When I saw this write-up below on my freecamping app, I knew this was a must see town for us.

“This is a very small park with no RV spaces and only an electric box with several outlets. It's a pleasant spot to camp, on the road next to the park, but only the 3 or 4 earliest arrivals will find space here. We invite you to park your RV or pitch your tent on any vacant lot in Ambrose if you can be completely self-contained. Ambrose does not have running water and the city well does not have facilities for filling RV water tanks. Ambrose water is fine for showers, dishes etc. but not for drinking or cooking. If you dry camp here, we highly recommend that you fill your water tank and obtain a supply of bottled drinking water before arrival. Both are available in Crosby, 11 miles east. Crosby also has the only RV dump facility in the area. If you have concerns about where to camp in Ambrose or any other camping questions, contact Art Nelson or Donna Haslett-Nelson at 701-965-5500. Or just ask around in Ambrose and our friendly locals will be glad to help!”

One reviewer wrote:

Just wanted to say thanks to the people of this little town for opening up their space and letting people camp. As soon as I read the description I knew, even tho I had other camping options to "officially" check out on the way, that I would stay here. And as soon as I pulled in to your town I knew I made the right call. Idk what it is about your little book that made me feel right at home, but I did. So thank you! 

RV'ers. I stayed in a tent, so I can't help you much except to say that the RV area looked nice and level and I think there were electric boxes. Idk if there is a charge, but I'd certainly leave a donation. That's just me tho.

Tent'ers. Fantastic shady and flat area. The park even has a little picnic area with a roof, lights and garbage cans. 

Only caveat is no bathrooms. Crosby is 11 miles away, so hope you can hold it. Haha. Also no services of any kind including cell service. Every now and again when the breeze blew right I had a spotty connection, but that's it. 

Quiet, peaceful location, the one woman I did wave to seemed very nice and welcoming, only other visitor I had was a cute golden shepherd and I think a little girl cruised by my tent in the morning in curiosity. 

100% would stay again! 

Stayed here with a passenger vehicle and a tent. Rometech would stay here again.

The only factor that might limit our stay would be the lack of cell service.  

We’ll find out.  If there is no new post on the blog, that is why.

Hang in there for us until we get back.


Billy Blue Eyes said...

Got to be worth a look then

Barbara Rogers said...

Love the map, and of course would like to stay on Lovers Lane!

Vicki said...

Sounds like a nice town and a peaceful place to spend some time.

Debby said...

Wow. Most definitely the smallest town I have ever heard of! Cannot wait to hear about it.