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Saturday, August 6, 2022

Inside Ambrose


Ambrose, North Dakota

Inside some of the houses from the previous post.  Not all were accessible. 

This stairway was very narrow and steep.

The living space would be suitable for children, not an adult.

Going back down the stairs would not be something you would want to be doing half asleep or after having a few drinks.  Take it slowly.

Linoleum flooring design.

I was surprised and happy to find this.

Fifty-three year old newspaper.

More tomorrow.


Shammickite said...

What is the item with the roller in the third photo?

Barbara R. said...

The shot looking out the door and window to green fields, but inside is all B&W...priceless! I also liked finding a wrangler ironing device...that lady had some modern equipment as well as the dear old gas stove! Anyone with a wringer washing machine could get the dirt out, and then haul the wet clothes and sheets out to the line to dry. Wow the 1969 newspaper! It really makes me feel old. If I had been abandoned in 69...lots of layers would peel back like those walls!

Kathe said...

Love the antiques. Seems a shame for things to just get abandoned. My sister and I used to deliver the Minot Daily News in Butte, North Dakota. 35 cents a week. Not fun in the winters. Thanks for the memories.

Debby said...

It makes me wonder why people would just walk out the door and leave such luxury items behind. I am fascinated by old newspapers too. Especially the advertisements. Is there anyone you can ask about the abandoned houses? Tell them you've got a very nosy reader from Pennsylvania.