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Sunday, August 7, 2022

Mr. Storlie’s Home


Ambrose, North Dakota

The entry porch

First sight from entryway

To your left from the entry

I could not open the notebook without destroying it.
That is his overalls to the side.

Opposite corner of room was his pantry

Beneath the pantry things were pretty well stuck in place on the floor.

My guess was snow goggles

An elixir of some sort for what ailed him?

His Sunday go to meetin’ tie

His vest.

Seems he was into astrology.  I could find no year date on or in it.

Well, it seems there might have been a Mrs Storlie. 
Maybe she was the one into astrology. 

Yes, it had a woman’s touch.

Then I found this just before leaving.

And then finally this.

Goodbye Mr. and Mrs. Storlie.  I enjoyed the visit.
That is an electric box with meter on the end wall so they had electricity.
My photo of the one dangling lightbulb socket with pull chain was blurry.
I need to remember to hold the camera very steady in such poor lighting.

- comment reply -

The contraption with the roller in the third photo yesterday is as Barbara wrote a Ironrite Mangle Iron.  I knew what it did but didn’t know the name of it until Barbara pointed me in the right direction and I looked it up.  It used two rollers to press clothing, a faster method than ironing by hand. 


Billy Blue Eyes said...

I would be worried the place would fall down around me if I went in there

Debby said...

I am really enjoying these adventures. As always, I am so curious about what happened to Mr and Mrs Storlie

Barbara R. said...

I could look up these people in ancestry.com, knowing they lived there maybe in the 1940 census, in that town which still has a post office. But I won't. This is your adventure, John!

Debby said...

I have been doing a lot of reading about Ambrose. This is really fascinating. There's even supposed to be a hospital there. The idea that you can just walk into these house is amazing. Even more amazing is that there is such respect for these old houses and the objects they contain.

On the 5.5 hour trip home from my son and daughter-in-laws house, I passed by an old house that has always fascinated me. It is off the side of the road. The road actually passes by it at second floor level. The road itself is called Sleepy Hollow, and the house is long abandoned. I always wonder about it. For the first time, I thought of stopping the car, and hopping out to have an explore. I resisted it, because in this part of the country, you can wind up getting shot for something like that. But on the way home, I noticed a burned out brick house. Later, an ivy covered house with the windows out and a falling down barn.

Darn you! I wanted to stop and walk through them all!