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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Upper Downtown

(I got confused and posted twice yesterday so if you missed A Walk Around Town scroll past this one) 

Ambrose, North Dakota

Continuing on our walk around town we pass by the Ambrose Lutheran Church.

I went by on a Sunday around noon and saw no activity.
 A local told me though they still hold services.  
Either I was too early or too late.

Hmm, where there is a church there surely must be a bar somewhere.
Let’s see if we can find it.

This is the Ambrose public school bell setting by the side of the church. 

 Dates on it were 1912 - 1971.

We are back at Main Street now, lets turn north and see if a bar is at that end of town.

Well what do you know, there is one.

Hmm...looks to be for sale.


Around back I found the door unlocked.  
Let’s go in.

By the looks of things lying about on the tables and counter they held a garage sale in here trying to get rid  of things before closing up.

Across the street from the bar was this new building.
I thought maybe it was a community center what with the benches, shade and patio area.

Looking through the window it looked like someone’s tiny home.

Around the side guess what?
The door was unlocked.

What do you make of it?

On back down Main Street on the corner 2nd Avenue was this little place,
Just the right size for Beans and I.

Someone was fixing it up (new front window, table saw sitting out front) but it seems they have quit with the project.  Interesting point is I brought up the Google satellite view to get the name of this corner street and I noticed that the bar and the tiny house across from it are not in the satellite image.  The image was taken in May of 2016.  The bar had a short life.

Let’s stop in at the Post Office on our way home.

Only seven boxes had mail in them.
Seems about right if the population is 20 or the estimate of 17.
The post office was established in 1906 the same year as the town itself.  In 1910 the population was 320 peaking at 389 in 1920.  So all those boxes at one time were in use.

Turn the corner and we go by the Fire Station.
Notice the two sirens.

Does that knob on the right open the box so I can see inside or does it activate the siren?  I was tempted.  Then I remembered back at that park somewhere where I went and pushed the button that started up the entire apparatus for the baseball pitching machines and I didn’t know how to stop it.
Leave things alone John!  
And so I did.

Tomorrow we return to Mr. Strolie’s cabin to clear up some information plus find more.



Terra said...

This is an interesting glimpse into a very tiny town. It does look like someone is setting up a tiny home, I wonder if they will finish it. I think tiny homes are a great idea.

Billy Blue Eyes said...

A pretty church in A ghost town. Do you think they all emerge from somewhere when it gets dark

Debby said...

Billy made me laugh. I was reading that there was a hospital there. Did you find any signs of that?

Ellen D. said...

Debby brought me to this blog and it sure is interesting. I will have to read more of your older posts to see what other places you have explored. I would be afraid to go inside some of those old places but it sure is curious to see so much left behind. Good job on the photos and explanations, John!

Kathe said...

No, Billy. All the good Lutherans are tucked up in their beds. Those churches serve a wide community of several towns. Same when I grew up in the Baptist Church in a small town. Pastors traveled from one to another. Not unlike our the early days of this fine nation.

Barbara R. said...

What an interesting ghost town...but evidence of a person at least on a lawn mower.

Upriverdavid said...

One stop of mine, Potlatch, Idaho, I was exploring the playgrounds-ball fields etc.
I was close to a neat splash pad and just pushed a button. I then was looking up at a water bucket. Ya sure-you betcha down came all the water! It was a hot day so I didn't mind. No stop button either.