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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

A Brand New Day!


Watertown, South Dakota (pop. 22,655)

I needed rest and rewards.

Watertown had two book stores.  I needed that, even if I didn’t find a book of my desires.

But this heaven didn’t have what was on my list.
I was okay with that.  I had another “store” to visit.

The other store turned out to be...

...one of those indoor flea markets.

Any other time I would have wandered about among all the vendor’s booths they rent out but I wasn’t fully recovered from the previous day’s ordeal.  I was on a mission.  
Check for books and then find a quiet place in town.
The Book Zealot was in the corner of the building and had a huge inventory of somewhat organized books.  I found one but forgot about taking a picture of the mess of books.
I was running out of steam.  Hungry.

The quiet place turned out to be a large parking lot 
of some equally large out of business abandoned retail stores.  
Those were storage sheds for sale next to us.

Within walking distance was an Arby’s.  Glory be!  This one was not closed down, had a full staff and thus an open dining area with service counter.

I got my long awaited Reuben - corned beef on rye sandwich, my reward for persevering. 

This was my third attempt with Arby’s.  What does the Arby’s on down the road hold in store for me?  Not having high expectations I went back at dinner time for a French Dip sandwich.
Who knows when I will once again find a full functioning Arby’s.

- comments reply -

Yep, I am of victim of my own doing.  I don’t do well with bureaucratic silliness.  My lifestyle these past several years had led me to become a “hermit on the road”.  But I am happy.  That is important. 


Debby said...

There is not a lot of contentment in today's world. The fact that a good book to read, a cat for your lap, and a stomach full of Arby's is enough speaks volumes about you. 'Tis a gift to be simple, 'tis a gift to be free...

Barbara R. said...

The happiness gauge goes to the top, thus the little (horrible?) suffering of drivers license hoopla can be erased. Happiness is... I love Debby's quote of the Shaker song! Enjoy life!!

Kathe said...

You know the old saying, "To each his own." I'm always happy for someone who knows how to be happy. Self aware. I imagine Beans is happier when you are. Finding Peace in this day and age takes effort.

Ellen D. said...

Celebrating your new license with Arby's! You sound pretty happy!

Upriverdavid said...

I always go days, well sometimes, without checking in, Arby's french dips are something I do enjoy.
My late wife, Joyce,, a great lady, had a book club and we got tons of books, monthly, weekly, I can't remember.
I have tried in the past to donate to our libraries, nope we don't want them. What is the deal with that? So I share with my postal lady..my haircut lady and the cutie in my dentist's office.
I figure they enjoy reading as much as Joyce did and I do, may as well share.I had to tell Joyce to start ordering LARGE PRINT books, so much easier to read..
David says, Nite, glad you 2 are swell.

Upriverdavid said...

OOPs, I have something more to bitch about, not to anyone here.
I just finished my latest Patterson-David Ellis ( my name, 1st & middle anyways).The pages were folded over and some food or something on the pages. W/T/Quack?..My libraries hand out free book markers, can't they show some respect for books. The book was only out for 2 weeks.Arrrg-matey on the plank! Now!..The book was "Escapes"..Excellent.Says David, for what that is worth.

Debby said...

Note to David: I buy all my books second hand, and when I start accumulating a pile of books, I just put an online ad: Books to give away. Somebody always comes and collects them. Our library does not take books because of covid. We also have little library boxes around the town, where you can drop off a half dozen books or so.