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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

A Choice of Two Parks

We spent a second day and night in Watertown.  I just didn’t want to drive.  I wanted to stay put and rest.  The next morning we then drove forty miles to

Arlington, South Dakota (pop. 915)

 I had a place lined up to stay at Nordland Island Park in town.  As soon as we entered town I saw this off to the right after crossing the railroad tracks.  Notice the bottom line.  Let’s check this out Beans.

Oh my goodness!  A laundromat right here!


The only drawbacks were the railroad tracks and grain elevator right there next to the camp area.

We continued on for two blocks to Nordland Island.  Well this was lovely but it wasn’t for us.  

We went back to what was called Maxwell Park.  It was free (if we didn’t plug-in to electricity), I didn’t have to hunt down the municipal building and it was unlikely some big RV or fifth wheel trailer would try to maneuver into a space here.  Plus there was that laundromat too don’t forget. 

I stopped at the service station across the street from Nordland Island Park to inquire about how much train traffic this town got in a day.  The lady looked at me kind of odd but finally said usually one.  “It comes after I start my shift at 4:30 a.m.”  Well I can handle one train.  Incidentally the Nordland Island camp would be subjected to the train noise too as a crossing was right across the street from it.


Upriverdavid said...

Choo-choo, what'cha gonna do?..
I hear ya, I was camped at a State Park 2 weeks ago and I heard this wow! noise.
It was an oil train going by in Wenatchee, sounded as if 787's were flying about 10' above me.That was was it..That's what I get for living in the Glacier Peak wilderness.The noise has gotten so bad in the world many peeps no longer notice it. They are all probably losing any hearing they had?..Eh?
I still cannot stand barking kidz & screaming dawgs..Must be getting old-er..huh?, what did you say?
Take care, David

Barbara R. said...

Good spot and a 4:30 am wakey-wakey does allow one to get another 2 hours sleep if you can, before the sunrises.

Debby said...

Well, that is certainly a wonderful convenience! If they had hot showers, that made the site just about perfect, except for that 4:30 train!

Ellen D. said...

You are the expert when it comes to finding campgrounds!