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Monday, September 12, 2022

A Long Drive


Twin Valley, Minnesota (pop. 723)

Our next stop after leaving Grand Forks was to be Fertile, MN (pop.804) but I was unable to locate the said camp area.  The coordinates led us to the school complex parking lot.  Nope, not staying there. Near the schools was their small city park.  Nope, not here either. We went over to their county fairgrounds.  Still nothing.  So we drove on logging in seventy-two miles for the day when we reached the next town of Twin Valley.  There we stayed at Canoe and Boat Landing Park.  I think it was really Heiberg Park but I never saw such a sign, so Canoe and Boat Landing Park it will be.

Nevertheless it was again a nice little park with six sites for people to hook up to electricity.
Ou can just make them out off to the left.

By now you know what we did.  We stayed away over by the Wild Rice River.
No one else was at the park so that wasn’t the reason.
This was just a better spot with a nice view.

I guess do not underestimate the power of Wild Rice River.

This fungi was about five inches across and as hard as a hockey puck.

The next morning was cold.  Its been getting colder everyday lately.  
The locals are still going around in t-shirts and short pants.
Not this boy.
Time to start thinking of moving south.

- comment replies -
“You are covering a lot of states.  Where are you heading?”  This post answers the second part of the question - to warmer places.  We try to keep the driving to less than an hour each day, which would be less than fifty miles.  Sometimes as this post brought out, that doesn’t always happen.  


I’ve pretty much given up on thrift stores for books that interest me.  Perhaps I need to start reading trashy romance novels for they are in abundance at thrift stores.  Although the thrift store in tomorrow’s post had a huge collection all well organized much like a regular used book store.  So I still do a quick browse at a thrift store if it looks worth my time to stop. Also, I like to give my already-read books to used book stores for I feel they have a better chance of going to someone like myself who’ll appreciate them.  I still pick up eBooks for free online for my Kindle so no great loss if the eBook turns out to be a clunker which doesn’t happen too often.  I am never at a loss for a book to read.


Barbara R. said...

Nice river in late summer. And it sounds like autumn is knocking at your door. High of 73 F here today, and 58 F when I got up. Waiting to see some leaf color...

Ellen D. said...

It was quite chilly in Illinois yesterday - high around 60 but it will warm up a bit in the next few days. I love the cool weather of Fall so I am looking forward to it.

Red said...

Lots of long drives in the territory you are travelling in. They're all long drives as there is very little there.

Debby said...

It is starting to get chillier here now as well. I wouldn't say 'cold' exactly, but I'm starting to need a sweater in the evening.

It will be interesting to see what you return to in Arizona. Another blog was talking about all the rain he was getting in his area. The weather is taking quite a few unexpected turns virtually everywhere.