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Sunday, September 25, 2022

An Unexpected Find and Finding Nothing


Vermillion, South Dakota

About a hundred feet away is the restroom building.  The one on the left, the women’s, is out of order. So the men have to share with the women now. I’m sure the girls love that.  The toilet seat is up again!!

I saw a woman with wet hair come out from behind the building.  I went to investigate.
Golly they have showers here!  I had no idea.  I’d take advantage of that when we got back from errands on our second day there.

Vermillion has no bookstores.  It does have two thrift shops.  I said I wouldn’t look in thrift shops anymore for books.  But two people have mentioned James Patterson books.  I looked into that and see he has a long list of stand-alone novels.  This would be good as I wouldn’t have to read them in any order.  I see his books all the time.  Now that I am looking, I saw none on errand day.  Figures.

Not really the right kind of thrift store for books.

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Beans is a really good well-behaved cat.  She doesn’t play around with the collection of bones up on the dash knocking skulls off onto the floor.  


sparklingmerlot said...

Maybe not for books but that's a fancy chair on the left.

Barbara R. said...

Showers!! Oh what glorious joy. Road dust all down the drain. I liked (and certainly wouldn't buy another figurine) the little white puppies on the floor of the last pic.

Ellen D. said...

Thanks for answering my question about the skulls on your dash. :)

Debby said...

I love thrift shops just about as much as you love your showers!

Upriverdavid said...

I can recall one shower I visit at a hot spring in Oregon, I always have had to clean enough hair out of the drain to make a rug, so it would drain.
And..when you have to pay? $.75 for 3 minutes when it takes 2.5 minutes for the hot water to show up.
Oregon state parks have solar heated water in their showers, at least they did the last time I visited.And FREE!
They decided to charge nonresidents a 30% surcharge. And Idaho is now charging a 50% charge for out of staters.
Yet they send me tons of fancy-pants maps-info etc. that must cost a bunch of $$$$ begging me to come visit-camp and spend my $$$....Oh Well...