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Sunday, September 4, 2022

Carbury Dam

 The morning we left Antler I went back by this house in town, the one and only house that looked like it would be interesting to explore but I didn’t.

You can see newer windows in place at ground level and the windows in the upper story are still intact.
The roofing on this side is newer.

An old RV was parked in back.  Perhaps someone is fixing the house up or at least attempting to save it.
They haven’t done this side of the roof yet.

Carbury Dam was less than an hour drive to the east from Antler.

I wasn’t expecting much but was plesantly surprised upon arrival.

What a lovely recreation area that did not allow waterskiing nor jet skis on the lake.
All boat travel was restricted to idle speed. 
Nice, even though I never saw a boat while there.

There was a row of a dozen campsites with back-in spots for humongous motorhomes, obscenely long fifth-wheel trailers and your standard unwieldy travel trailers.    
We went over to the other part with several spots in small level area.
We had it all to ourselves.
There are I got prepared for a big day the next day.

Dad, where’s my longer rope?

Bottineau, North Dakota (pop. 2197) - not big enough for a bookstore :( 

First laundromat in I don’t know how long.  Okay, Williston probably had a couple but I had to get out from that town.  This went well and I am happy to say that my purchase of Arm & Hammer power packs with OxiClean really did the job on my dirty laundry.  Everything came out much better and brighter than when I was using Tide and even smelled better too.  It is very satisfying to buy a product that actually does what it is advertised to do even beyond your expectations.

With that task completed we went to their little Walmart after topping off the propane tank at the Tractor Supply next door.  I can’t trust the availability of propane where we are going next.  

We spent the rest of the day in the Walmart parking lot, 
me catching up on the journal and lining up blog posts.
All in all, it was a feel-good productive day.

- comment replies -
Based on the comments about how wide a border line is it made me look at my question differently.  The answer was right there in front of me.  It made sense that the US farmer and the Canadian rancher would erect their fence lines right on their surveyed property line.  Why would they give up any of their land setting the fence back X amount of feet?  So obviously the wide swath of cut grass that I referred to as “no man’s land” is it, the actual border and that is how wide it is.


It was wondered as to who owns the bank that was falling apart.  A sign out front showed the Antler Historical Society 2020 was seeking donations to save the bank, so I would assume they do.  In researching this I discovered a set of photos of inside from back in 2010.  Click HERE to see and read more about the building and the school.  I never saw the school.  Hopefully it has been demolished within the last twelve years for I’d be really upset with myself having missed that opportunity of exploration.  Finding the school bell as I did makes me believe that is the case.  
Please don’t disappoint me dear readers by learning otherwise.


Gardener said...

Poor, poor Beans. If looks could kill!! As a fairly new follower from the other side of the world, I am really enjoying your posts John.

Barbara R. said...

Well, you had some domestic chores to take care of! Dear Beans, nothing worth exploration I'd guess.

Meritt said...

I'm sure you've mentioned in the past, but since you are in the middle of no where, are you using a hotspot on your mobile phone to get internet or do you have a satellite hook up or....???

Ellen D. said...

You have written a terrific ad for Arm and Hammer power packs with OxiClean. I usually use Tide so I may have to switch!?! Thanks, John.

Debby said...

I'm curious about your computer access as well. Sounds like today was a good catch up day. The best thing about catch up days? When you're caught up and can stop. Good to see Beans.