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Monday, September 26, 2022

Country Roads Take Me Home


We could have stayed longer at the Vermillion Lions Club City Park Campground.  Well maybe not as it was a three-day limit but who cared?  At any rate we were wanting to chase the warmer weather south and so left.  After a bit of misdirection of GPS coordinates for our next town we were on our way.

We crossed the Missouri River and were now back in Nebraska.

It looked to be nice empty country roads all the way.

I love driving these backroads.

Okay you farm girls, tell me why they harvest the corn leaving behind rows of corn standing.

Soon we found ourselves on the mountain roads of Nebraska.

Our turnoff for Coleridge and their city park.
I don’t want to drive seven miles of dirt road!

We continued on south over a mountain pass for our next camping opportunity.


Barbara R. said...

Not a whole lot to see in Nebraska country side. Wide open spaces. Lotta sky.

Ellen D. said...

Do you hear Willie Nelson singing "On the Road Again" while you travel? Safe travels, John!

Kathe said...

My dad never grew corn for crops, just silage to feed cattle. I never saw a farmer do that on the field. Looked it up and this is what I found. Kind of like the snow fences you see in Colorado, I suppose.


Upriverdavid said...

I may have said in the past, I make every attempt to just take the back roads. I honk and wave to folks sitting on their porches or out in the fields on their tractors. I just putt-along @ 55 mph and very often no grump riding my ass(bottom). The majority smile and wave back, I figure it makes both of us have a positive feeling for the day. Eh?