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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Deer Creek


Deer Creek, Minnesota (pop. 330 in 2020.  Now 332.  Two babies were born maybe?)

Notice the temperature at noon when the picture was taken.  Gotta be moving on south.

You can see us beneath the sign.

This is a little wayside park, nice and clean.

You could camp over on the grass.

I have never seen a city park that had stated free camping for this long a period.  
Usually it is two or three days before you need to pay.

Main Street downtown Deer Creek.

Their museum in the old firehouse was closed, naturally.

Well I think Deer Creek wins my award for the smallest town with a laundromat.
I was really surprised in seeing this.

Although half the machines were ‘out of order’...

...the owner was bringing in new machines.  That has to cost some big money.
I guess he must be raking in the quarters with his business to be able to buy new machines.
Two new dryers were standing off to the side also.

On my way back I found this 1936-37 Plymouth coupe.


Debby said...

What a great car! One thing about roaming is that you are discovering a lot of treasures along the way.

Barbara R. said...

Very clean, no cars except yours and the old Plymouth! Glad to see the laundromat. Perhaps there are seasonal visitors/workers who come to the town and need clean clothes. I went to the bank the other day for quarters, and decided to just buy 2 rolls instead of one. Investing in the future clean clothes!

Debby said...

It shocked me to discover how expensive a laundromat is! It took me a BUNCH of quarters!

Karen said...

We are in the repair business. Part of the issue is not being able to get parts to fix half this stuff. In the end, one needs to just bite the bullet and buy new. Defies imagination doesn't it?

Ellen D. said...

I wondered about the museum name but Google answered my question: Nibi Washkesh is Ojibwe for "Stream of the deer"...
I wonder how do you know what year the Plymouth was made? Do you just know a lot about cars or can you find the year on the vehicle somewhere?

sparklingmerlot said...

You never include people in your photos. Are the towns really that quiet?