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Wednesday, September 7, 2022



Drayton, North Dakota (pop. 746)

We arrived in Drayton after a seventy-two mile drive from Langdon.

That’s pretty much it for downtown Drayton.

We went over to their city park first to check out the accommodations.

Ooo boy, too high-priced for me.
But lets just say you are, not necessarily homeless but houseless.  $300 for a month’s rent would look pretty good in the face of renting an apartment anywhere.  And this includes electricity, water and sewer.

And then there were neighbors.  There were a dozen campers there.  Too much for us.

We left the park and went downtown by the river to check out free camping nearby the boat ramp.
Now which camp area would you have chosen?
Look at that view!

This is the Red River which is the border between North Dakota and Minnesota.

Beans approves of my choice for a place to stay.
Well done Dad.


Barbara R. said...

I notice Beans looking over the river, as I sure would have done as well. It looks pretty swift and deep...not any gradual banks to go down to it. At flood season I guess it just comes across the flat land.

Ellen D. said...

The spot near the water is perfect and you certainly have beautiful weather in that photo!

Kathe said...

I'm with Beans! I can almost hear the river running. Something I love about ND is the green. NM does not have green or water. I love the white of winter but not the brown dead grass that will cover the landscape soon in ND. I want to cover it with snow. That river can be trecherous when it floods because the grade of the land is so gradual. By the time it gets to Fargo it causes floods.
I assume those campers are willing to pay that in lieu of a nightly motel room. I can't imagine anyone staying long at those prices. You must have driven a long way last night to get there.

Kathe said...

Whoops! I see you were in Langdon so not that far. I pictured you on the west side of the state. You and Beans get around! My sister graduated from college at NDSU in Grand Forks. You must be in that general area. If you follow the river you will end up in Fargo as I'm sure you are well aware. Funny how much power a river has in marking off a border. This far and no further!

Karen said...

The Red River floods notoriously every few years.

Debby said...

$25 a day is a lot to pay for parking. I know they offer more than that, but even still...$25 is a lot. What is the highest camping fees you have ever seen.

I think you got a much better deal by moving a little down the road. Off to read about Red River. I always (dummy me!) thought it was a river in the south west sung about by cowboys tending their herds of cattle!

Heidi said...

I enjoy reading about your adventures. Another reason the Red River floods so badly is that it flows south to north. So the melting snow drains into the river and the frozen ground to the north cannot absorb any water. So it spreads across the plain.