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Monday, September 19, 2022

Oh What a Day!!


Webster, South Dakota

I cannot say it went well, but it did in the end.  

The needed paper work to get a South Dakota driver’s license included: current driver’s license (to be surrendered),  birth certificate,  another form of ID like a passport,  that receipt for the overnight stay,  two pieces of mail with your current mailing address and lastly your social security card which I do not have with me.  That was the stickler.  That was what I was concerned about.  

When I changed the title on the RV to get South Dakota plates a photocopy of the social security card was accepted.  Getting a driver’s license is a whole different kettle of fish.  I showed my VA card and Medicare card both having my SS number on it.  Nope, won’t do.  I showed a photo of my SS card.  Nope, must be the card itself or...a W2 form or a 1099 form from your taxes with your SS number clearly printed on it.  I left the office dejected.  I went back out to the RV throughly...I can’t say disappointed for I expected something like this.  I resolved myself to my fate.  What to do?  

Out of desperation I went through nearly 7000 trashed emails in my Gmail account searching for an email with a attachment showing some tax forms.  I finally found attachments with 1099 forms from investment earnings.  I went back inside with my iPad.  I showed nice lady Michelle.  She said that would work.  I was able to email it to her where she was able to make a copy.

Now there was a whole lot more drama to this story than what I have written here.  Believe me.  Suffice to say the whole ordeal lasted over two hours.  Now to be fair I am to blame for my experience.  The South Dakota driver’s license process is easy if you have your act together.  It can be done in little as fifteen minutes, nothing like the misery inflicted upon you with the California DMV.  Plus you get your new license handed to you right then and there, not mailed to you weeks later like in California.

Also when it comes time to renew the license (five years) all I will need to do is fill out the application and bring two pieces of mail, even if junk mail.  AND I can just walk into any office without having to make an appointment.  I could have walked in at Sisseton.

When I returned to the RV I was drained, totally without emotion.  Beans was happy to see me.  I fixed lunch, fed her and we left Webster driving south in a daze for Watertown an hour away.  There I had the choice of places to stay: Walmart parking lot in the busy town or the Dakota Sioux Tribal Casino...

...in the middle of the South Dakota cornfields.  Tough choice.

It was very peaceful and quiet, just what I needed.  
It wasn’t until late that afternoon I started feeling better and could realize the fact its done. 
I got the license. I can move on now with my life and quit agonizing over this license thing.

Indian casinos most generally have very good food.  I would have treated myself to a breakfast but I cannot handle the stench inside from the cigarette smoke.

Beans liked it here.

Jumping Beans.  
I would have jumped for joy but I just didn’t have it in me.


Debby said...

Sounds like quite an ordeal. You are perfectly made to be a hermit on the road. Beans does not require you to jump through all these hoops.

Barbara R. said...

Oh my goodness! That was definitely not a fun experience! One of my most annoying things to do. I've had similar round-the-merry-go-rounds with other bureaucracies. I do tend to put them out of memory, but you did just remind me of one. Shudders still. Treat yourself to something you love. That's what I always try to do!

Ellen D. said...

Well, it's done and that's what is most important! Glad you figured out a way to make it work.

Kathe said...

Actually makes me feel kind of sick hearing your story. The helplessness you feel in the face of bureaucracy. Hiding in the cornfield is medicine. Now you are FREE! Go forth! :)

sparklingmerlot said...

Has Beans ever got away from you? I love the idea of travelling with a cat but we know they can be contrary beasts if they choose.