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Thursday, September 15, 2022

Save the Turtle


From Deer Creek it was a short drive of nineteen miles to Parker’s Prairie where there was questionable camping by the boat ramp at Lake Adely.  Once there I found it to be not much room, not level and finally a sign posted with a RV image and a diagonal line crossing over it: NO RV’s TENT CAMPING ONLY.

I didn’t get out to take any pictures.  There was a creepy old man sitting in a minivan gawking at us as we drove through.  I didn’t want to talk with him in case he had a mind to do so.

I wasn’t too disappointed.  We hadn’t driven far and I didn’t care for the location.  On the way out on the dirt road I spotted something slowly moving across in front of us.  A little turtle.  It would take him forever to make the journey and I knew he might get squashed like a bug.

He was a baby snapping turtle.  I looked them up and saw they are primarily aquatic turtles.  Now I wish I had moved him closer to the water.  I hope he makes it.  Anyway, I felt my side trip to the camp area at Parkers Prairie was worth it now for having saved the baby snapping turtle.

We were forced to move on another twenty miles to Alexandria, a noisy city of 14,335
and stay in a Walmart parking lot.  Some days are like that.

- Comment replies -

How do I know what year the cars I find are?  I identify the make of the car by the badges they have if I don’t already know.  Then by body design I can guess fairly closely what period of years it is.  I’ll Google some images to verify what I think and narrow it down to specific years. 


I wouldn’t buy a flashlight at a thrift store.  I figure it is there for a reason.  New ones are cheap enough.


Yes, the towns are that quiet. Rarely I see anyone walking about. 


Barbara R. said...

What a tiny little guy...you were definitely a savior for his life. Why he is traveling out where he was is the question...silly little dude.

Debby said...

In the spring, here, you will see the snappers dragging away from the water, making their way to a spot next to a railroad tracks 500 yards awya. They will lay their eggs and then make their way back to the water. I imagine this little guy had a whole lot of brothers and sisters either gone on ahead or lagging behind.

I've never seen the tiny turtles like your little friend, though.

Some thrift stores, like Ollies here, get their stock by buying inventory closeouts or merchandise from other stores that our going out of business. You are right that some of the stuff is not worth having. But you can find good quality things there, with brand names you recognize, sometimes. It always pays me to have a look around. Those tech flashlights are amazingly bright, aren't they?

Ellen D. said...

Thanks for saving that little turtle, John!

shadowcat410 said...

Thank you for rescuing the baby turtle! He's a cutie. :)