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Saturday, September 17, 2022

This Is It?


Waubay, South Dakota (pop. 473)

Ever have a truck carrying a wind turbine blade pass you on the highway?

There was supposed to be camping along Blue Dog Lake in Waubay.
This was it.
Well I am not driving out onto that beach.

I parked and went for a walk.  
Part way down was the remains of a hand pump drinking fountain.

Down at the end was a pit toilet.
Well I guess it is a legitimate camp area, like for tents though.

There was a short pull-in up a ways and we wouldn’t be blocking access to the beach.
Well, this will do fine for a night.

I had two days to kill before the driver’s license appointment.  So one night here then one night in Webster and we’ll be ready.

- comment reply -

Why South Dakota for my state of residency?  There are three states that make it easy for full time travelers to claim as their domicile state: Texas, Florida and South Dakota.  Texas requires a vehicle safety  inspection each year unless you are out of the state.  Occasionally I am not.  Florida everything must be done in person each time and I have no plans ever to return to Florida.  South Dakota is the easiest to do and is centrally located in my travels.  Nevada is another state but you must stay thirty days to meet the requirement that just that one overnight stay in South Dakota provided.


Barbara R. said...

Nice water-side camping. Dare say you had some cool breezes. Good luck on driver's license!

Debby said...

Thanks for that explanation. I think you chose well. Florida and Texas are both on my list of places to stay out of.