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Thursday, September 8, 2022

Walking Tour of Drayton


Drayton, North Dakota

Across Main Street from us and a half a block down is this museum.  I’ve been by twice and its always closed.  No hours are posted.

There are a few out buildings that are staged inside but I couldn’t go in.  Locked.

One was a reconstructed sod house.

For me this log outhouse was most interesting.  
I’ve never seen a log outhouse before.

It had an interesting history behind it.

I wound up by the city park again where the expensive campground is.
The swimming pool is being redone.  I wondered if it had a leak somewhere?

I thought this was for livestock when they might have a fair or something.

Turned out what used to be a ice rink.  Now it is all dirt.
I’d be very unhappy having my ice rink closed down.

On my walk back I passed by this 1949 Chevy dump truck.  He wanted $2000 for it but was willing to haggle.  Good thing I don’t live here because I’d be tempted and just what reason would I have to own a dump truck?  None, but I’d enjoy restoring it.

Near the truck was someone’s pumpkin patch.

You don’t get this nice looking of a pumpkin in your grocery store.

Back on Main Street I discovered a free library stand.  Oh joy!  In all my finds of these free library stands I may have found one or two books to my liking.  Now if I were into romance novels they are always in these free libraries.  Women must really enjoy reading them.  This one though was unusual in it had a lot of comic books for kids.  I never have seen comic books in one before.

Catfishing is very popular in the Red River.  Fishermen show up each evening.  I did see one get caught right from the shore.  So only in Drayton, North Dakota would you find a fish cleaning station right on Main Street. 

This house is for sale. Three bedroom, one bath. 
$55,000 plus you get a fish cleaning station right next door.

You can have it.  The write-up for seasonal weather for Drayton states it can be “severely cold” in the winter.  I’ll keep my Little House on the Highway.  I can move it to better weather.

The view from bed on our last evening.  
I wouldn’t have this view in the city park campground.
It would probably be just my neighbor next door with his generator running and TV blasting.

I looked it up and those tool boxes along with tools came with each Model T for there were no service centers or auto repair shops back then.  If you bought one of these new fangled horseless carriages you needed to know some basic mechanics and liked to tinker.

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The Red River was slow flowing, muddy looking and had warning signs for sudden drop offs along the shoreline.  I could tell by the cracked mud up where we were parked the river came up that far during flood season. I guess all that grassy area is under water.  And yes Debby, when I saw the sign ‘Red River’ I thought how’d we wind up in Texas/Oklahoma?  
What are the highest camping fees I have ever seen?  $49 a day recently but I wouldn’t be surprised that there are places even higher.  A quick look at Disney World in Orlando some spots were over $200 a night.  If they gave it to me for free, I still would not stay there.  I’ll leave it for you to enjoy.
Lastly, we just happen to be in Grand Forks while posting this entry to the blog.  I got to see the North Dakota State University while doing errands.  What a wonderful looking college it is. And as for Fargo, Sinbad & I were there back in 2012.  We went specifically to see the wood chipper from the movie Fargo.
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Ellen D. said...

Maybe the ice rink is only used during those cold winter months so the skaters can keep out of the frigid winds while they skate. Wouldn't need a refrigeration system to keep the ice frozen if their winters are so severe.
I loved the story about the log outhouse floating to another farm! :)

Karen said...

My family lived across in Manitoba. Aunt B. used to tell stories of the Red River floods and all manner of things floating by. Including outhouses! As youngsters that one always was our favorite

Kathe said...

Absolutely delightful post. Made me laugh out loud. The outhouse story reminds me of that old homely, "Waste not, want not." ;)
As for the dump truck, doesn't everyone want their own dump truck? Come on, man!
And now for the next episode. Which direction will Beans and John choose in their ongoing saga, "As the Camper Turns"? (cut to dramatic music Ta Ta Ta Taaaa)

Kathe said...

I'll have to watch that movie so I can figure myself out. I've started but chickened out. I've been told several times I sound just like the female cop. I'll skip the chipper scene, though I remember something to do with axes. They found a beheaded guy behind the Walmart I use down here in Albuquerque and one behind the coffee shop I like. MS13 Maybe I'll just stick with the local news. (actually never listen to it anymore).