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Friday, September 30, 2022

We Move


This campground owned and operated by the Loup Power District has two sections.  I missed the turnoff to the first one as I had a guy riding my butt coming in on the highway.  He went around finally and then the second campground came up.  That is what you saw yesterday.  Well the traffic noise was getting to me there.  I really couldn’t understand why so many cars were going back and forth.  There is just the small resort community of Lakeview (pop. 317) between the two camp areas. That is it except for the few farmers in the area.  Anyway, the next morning we drove the couple miles back to check out the other campground.  It proved to be much quieter as it had part of Lakeview between the highway and camp.

And we could park out in the open, in the sun, all by ourselves.
There are designated sites with electrical hookups but they are all in the shade for the most part and not all that level.

The two parks are connected by walking and bicycling paths.  A lot of people (locals) take advantage of them.  I walked back to our first camp to get those photos for yesterday.  It was sure nice to get out and stretch those leg muscles at a brisk pace.  That is one thing I look forward to in returning to the desert for the winter - my long walks and hikes.  I miss that.

Beans misses lizard chasing.

- comment replies -

“If I buy your eBooks from Amazon would you get any of it?”  Pennies.  Please don’t buy them when you can get them for free.  Amazon forces me to set a price and 99 cents is the least amount permitted.  I think I get around 35 cents a sale.  It’s a rip-off.

“Is there anything you missed during the pandemic like face to face conversations, small talk, etc.”  You realize how much of an introvert you are when a pandemic sets in and it doesn’t affect your life all that much.  I do relate an instance in the Pandemic Year ebook.  I met a lady while camping north of Las Vegas.  We sat and visited for awhile.  Before parting we shared a hug.  That was the first time I had had human contact in like nine months.  Same for her.  We felt the loss.  We hugged again.  So the answer to your question Barbara is the simple touch of another human, a hug, holding hands.  I missed that.

Thank you Debby for the offer of sending books but that would take away the thrill of the quest from me.   


sparklingmerlot said...

When you are back in the desert do you stay put or still travel? And I did end up buying on Amazon. I hope you get the odd penny but the joy of reading on my kindle made it worth the minimal expense. If you make enough shout Beans a treat and tell her it comes with love from Australia.

Barbara Rogers said...

Thanks for interesting info about hugging. I missed that a lot the first year, because many of my friends would greet each other that way before pandemic times. Somehow I've gotten used to it by now. Sad.

Ellen D. said...

You must like to drive a lot! How many miles a year do you put on the RV?

Kathe said...

Desert walks are the best. I found a good walking stick very helpful. Especially on the descents. Morning light before the snakes get active used to be my favorite time. Growing up on the prairies made me love the vast open skies. NM is really a beautiful state that way. The Land of Echantment, they call it. Helps if you keep your eyes on the horizon.

Debby said...

I have never walked in the desert, but I think that it's fascinating to see all the 'treasures' you come across.

I understand about the books.

Upriverdavid said...

I swear that even today the people who build campgrounds have never camped in an R.V.
How tough is it to make a level site, our fridges demand level.