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Friday, September 16, 2022

We Stay in a Real RV Park


Sisseton, South Dakota (pop. 2479)

Yeah, we are back in South Dakota and staying in a real honest for good privately owned RV Park.  This is so unlike us, I know.  There is a reason.  First off, I was curious as to when I last stayed in a RV Park.  Well it seems it was eight years ago in May of 2014.  Sinbad and I were on our way home from doing our Gulf Coast Tour following the coastline from Corpus Christie, Texas all the way around up to Virginia.  Back in those days I did RV parks a lot.  I know better now.

So the reason why is my current driver’s license from my ex-home state is about to expire.  I want to get a South Dakota driver’s license for South Dakota is now my domicile state being a full time traveler.  The RV and motorbike already has South Dakota plates.  One of the pieces of paper I need to present is proof of residency and by not having a home in South Dakota a receipt for a one night stay in a motel or RV park will full-fill the requirement, my being a full time traveler. 

We left Alexandria, Minnesota after making a somewhat hasty decision.  The closest licensing station was here in Sisseton in the upper right corner of the state, just an hour or so drive away.  I figured its a small town, I can get in and out easy.  Well I was wrong.  It is open only one day a week.  I knew that.  They having a traveling circuit to small towns each one day a week.  What I didn’t know was having to make an appointment (no walk-ins) and that appointments were booked all the way to October 5!

I sat outside the office in the RV educating myself on how to make appointments online.  Remember, I cannot even order a sandwich online.  I finally found a small town office not far away that had an opening for the end of the week (yesterday as you read this).  With that set I went ahead to do the one-night-stay at this RV park in Sisseton to get that paper documentation out of the way.

In order to get a printed receipt for my stay I had to reserve my stay online.  Great!  The nice young lady in the office did it for me.  That saved me a lot of grief.   $24.17 including reserve fees and tax.  She said I could park anywhere on the grass since I didn’t need hook-ups but was welcome to plug in if I liked.

Now having stayed in RV Parks long ago I know how they can be with dogs barking, music and TV’s playing, being packed in like sardines and so on.  This place was so peaceful and quiet it rivals many small town city parks we’ve stayed at.  I honestly could not have done better in selecting a private RV park than this one.  Well, I think it was the only one in Sisseton.

That evening as I lay in bed reading the thought came to me hey, this place may have showers.
In the morning I went in search of the restrooms.  They were right behind us in that building two photos up by the propane tank.  Nice and clean they were as they probably get little use.  People use what they have in their trailer or RV.


Debby said...

I never gave it a thought. How did you choose South Dakota? Why? What are the requirements for establishing residency? Glad you found a hot shower.

Ellen D. said...

Glad you were able to get that all set up. Looks like a nice campground.

Barbara R. said...

Super...though a bit of an expense to get that shower, but an address proving you are a resident must be worth the cost.

John W. Wall said...

That's awesome that it's so easy to meet the residency requirement for a South Dakota license. Your RV site was cheaper than a tent site at a National Forest campground I was just at in Nevada.