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Thursday, October 13, 2022

A Walk to the Post Office


Beloit, Kansas

I had a package sent here.  I was going to try the Amazon locker delivery in some large town on our route to the desert, but I just didn’t trust it.  Or rather I didn’t trust my understanding it even though I watched videos on how the operation worked.  I played it safe.  I had it sent to General Delivery here.
The package had arrived.  Lets go pick it up.

The park has a pedestrian bridge to cross over the Solomon River.

We have a fisherman here today.

On the other side we cross the train tracks, train tracks that has had no trains since we’ve been here.
I like Beloit.

Next to the tracks was this building.  I love the brick work.
So many buildings in this old part of town has this lovely brickwork.

There are small patches of remaining brickwork in the roadway too.  That town we came through on our way here, Mankato, most all of its streets were of this brick.  The streets were buckled and warped so severely they looked like an unmade bed.  They would put a real test to the suspension of any vehicle.
Not in Beloit though.

In the distance from the rail yard I could see Beloit Bowl with some really impressive looking building further beyond.

On the street corner sat a whole other world.

I was more interested in what was going on at the opposing corner. 
Of all the murals in all the towns I have seen over the years, this was the first time I ever saw one in the creation process.  Two women and the one man were at work.

Now we are entering the business district.

As I walked the boulevard void of any other people I kept hearing the soft sounds of music.
Then I noticed the speakers atop several lamp posts.
A nice touch of atmosphere.


Cutting over two blocks there was the post office, a far nicer looking building than most post offices.

Inside was equally nice looking for a post office.
There were no other customers either.

I picked up my package and started back for home on a different route, one that took me by the building I had seen beyond Beloit Bowling.  Over the archway it stated the building was constructed in 1901.  
You can have the architecture of today; I like this style much more.

I cut through a side street seeing this set of stairs on the backside of a building. 
Seeing all that covered tinwork over the staircase just made me think of severe snow storms.
There is a lot of history here in this alleyway no doubt.

Another beautiful piece of brickwork architecture. 

I simply followed the painted brick road back to my temporary home in Kansas.


Barbara R. said...

Love the murals, which will have faux brick-like framing of the pictures! And that stairway to ?? with it's covering! The little sunflowers of metal puzzled me beneath the beautiful brickwork...then I thought, they keep drivers from plowing into the bricks if they park there...a big if!

Debby said...

I think the sunflowers are bike racks, a place to chain up and park your bike. I've never see them done like that. I've also never heard piped in music in a town before. The brick buildings are nice, and I love old post offices. I do have to say, I laughed out loud at your picture of the unused train tracks and your simple comment 'I like Beloit'.

This seems like an awfully nice little town.

Ellen D. said...

Well, your post sent me to Google to find out if Beloit, Kansas had anything to do with Beloit, Wisconsin and found that your Beloit in Kansas was named after Wisconsin's Beloit. Also, that large fancy building is the Mitchell County Courthouse.

Kathe said...

Absolutely charming! No wonder Dorothy was anxious to get back to Kansas! I'm thinking the word was out that you and Beans would be passing through and they spread out a feast for you, with music! With music!

Sandi said...

Now THAT is a fishing spot!