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Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Chautauqua Park


Beloit, Kansas

The next day I went off to explore the park.  More fall colors were happening.

The park had the usual features as most all the other parks we have seen.  
But their aqua center stood out above all others.

These photos just do not capture how immense this place was.

How many gallons of water does this thing hold?
I must takes days to fill.

The highlight though is what is called ‘the lazy river’.  A three foot deep current of water flows along where you can lay back on your floatie device and enjoy the ride.
I have never seen anything like that before.

I looked online every place I could think of to try and find out what the admission fee was. 
 I even asked a few people in the park.  I still don’t know.

On the other side of the park the Solomon River flowed over and down a spillway.
Now that looks like exciting.

Well that’s no fun.

A lot of the parks have disc golf courses but here in Chauatauqua Park people were using it everyday we were here, unlike the other parks.

I talked with a lady around my vintage who comes to walk around the park everyday.  Four laps equals a mile she said.  I learned from her that during the winter around Christmas time the entire park is decorated with lights and scenes.  “It is really beautiful to see.”  
Well, I imagine it is but I shall never see it.


Barbara Rogers said...

Great water park...perhaps to keep the adventurous off the spillway of the river! It certainly did look inviting.

Debby said...

Your blog post yesterday sent me off on a google tangent, trying to figure out how a Chautauqua ended up in Ks. (It is an Indian name from a tribe that did not live that far west. Our Chautauqua Institute was set up in 1871, and it was known as a place to come and listen to lectures on faith, literature, art, etc. Sort of a cultural center that was available to people to come and educate themselves. This became so popular that it spawned a "Chautauqua movement" which spread through out the country. It was interesting reading. Our Chautauqua is still in operation today. It was where Salman Rushdie was stabbed on stage last summer, sadly.

That Water Park looks amazing. Can you imagine the thrill of being a kid and having a facility like that available?