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Monday, October 17, 2022

Fifteen Years After


Greensburg, Kansas

I took a walk on a cold wind blown bone-chilling day into town.

This is the main thoroughfare through Greensburg, Kansas Ave.  Everything was all new construction: banks, churches, insurance companies, car wash, liquor store, auto parts store, motels...

...grocery store, dollar store, gas stations, hair salons, hardware store, restaurants, fast food places.

Their Main Street branches off from Kansas Ave. yet the avenue had the most businesses.

As I looked about, it set in with me the fact that their “old part” of town, what I have been showing in most every town we have been through this season, well Greensburg doesn’t have an old town with buildings built back in the early 1900’s.  They lost it all.  Greensburg’s historic old town is gone forever. 

 A look at the satellite view you can see Main St. running down the center from Kansas Ave.
Notice how void it is of any businesses.  Also take in the overall view and see how many city blocks remain empty of any buildings

I cut in to walk the residential part of town.
It was like walking through a new tract home development.

And within these neighborhoods many lots stood vacant of any attempt to rebuild.

I came upon their new city pool.
Admission is three dollars or fifty dollars for a season pass.
I was hoping to find a date when this was built, but saw none.

The park had the usual modern brightly colored plastic playground equipment and no trees.

More to come.  
It is supposed to be even colder on this day as you read this.  We simply just didn’t make it far enough south to escape the freeze.  It was to be above freezing when we headed for Greensburg but the weather service revised their prediction after we arrived.  The cold front dipped down further than expected.  We would have to have gone as far as Dallas, Texas to escape the cold.  At any rate, I don’t want to go out in the cold again tomorrow so today’s photos are being divided up into two or three posts.
Forgive me.
 It will get back to normal by the end of the week.   


Barbara R. said...

First cold spell always is interesting how we react. I plan a morning walk though the high here will be in the 40s...after high 60s yesterday. Whether we had a freeze last night or not, I did cover all the porch plants snug up against the building. Two more nights below freezing forecast so they're just going to stay that way. Sorry you couldn't out-run this one!

Debby said...

Snow flurries here.

So strange to think of a town completely losing its historical districts, but I imagine that Greenville is not the only town in the midwest that this has happened to. I just never really thought about it.

$3 for the pool? $50 for a season pass. Wow. Here it is over $120 for a season pass. Where my son and daughter-in-law live, it is $10 a person, and nearly $280 for a season pass.

Gas is 37 cents more a gallon here too. And our town has a refinery.

Debby said...

Greensburg, sorry.

Kathe said...

If you stay around long enough you will be carrying in frozen long johns from off your clothes line. I know. No clothes line. Just laugh to myself seeing Dad's turning in the wind like some kind of monsters.
Yes, Debby, I feel like you. Comfort and encouragement to those resilient people.

John W. Wall said...

Crazy to see such low gas prices. Our San Francisco prices recently dropped from around $6.59/gal. to $5.99.