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Sunday, October 16, 2022

Greensburg, Kansas


We left Great Bend, Kansas heading south for eighty-five miles following the old Santa Fe trail for the most part of our day.  Imagine doing this in a covered wagon.

Greensburg, Kansas (pop.740 - it used to be twice that fifteen years ago)

We finally arrived to their Davis Park with free camping including electricity.
I’ll need that to run the heater in a couple of days for the big chill coming.

Now Sinbad and I were here in Greensburg ten years ago to see an oddity which became something else entirely for me.  I suggest you read that post for it will help you better understand what I plan to post while we are here in the present.

To see the post from ten years ago, click HERE.  

Beans was happy to get out and stretch her legs.

Can we stay put for awhile?  I’m tired of traveling.

Just across from us is the old swimming pool.  Incredibly it somehow survived the destruction.

It is no longer in use.

Greenburg has a new swim center in another park and I hope to walk over there while here.

I thought it must have been an indoor pool. I could just make out that there was no ceiling to it.
Maybe it got blown off.

Then I noticed this at my feet.  Huh?

This was the pool behind me.  They filled it in.  

The building must have been a changing and locker room.
That was all water there.
Silly me.

Off to the side was the kiddie wading pool.

Here you can see how close the train tracks are to us.  Yes, there is a lot of horn blowing.
But I think we can handle it for several days.

- comment reply -

Thank you Judy for the information about those three-foot high not corn stalks.  I hadn’t started seeing it until we got much further south from the Dakotas.  And then, it was just a narrow band along the roadway.  I mistakenly thought it was a late planting of corn that the farmer would leave throughout the winter as a snow barrier and thus be reimbursed by the state.


Debby said...

Wow. What a story! I can't imagine such an event. We have had much smaller wind events. We were not home for this but our neighbor heard this roaring. He looked out the bathroom window and saw the wind. It knocked down two very large pines onto a house behind us, came into our yard, danced between two large maples and the garage, sashayed right down the driveway and blew a large tree into the river. It continued on its trail of destruction on the other side of the river. He marvels to this day that he SAW the wind. I marvel that we were spared. Less than a block away, a man was killed. He was standing on his porch and a tree fell on him. The random nature of these storms is what spooks me the most.

Barbara R. said...

Still using those horns to give a noon whistle. I'd jump every time I heard one! How good that that lady survived by the skin of her teeth! Wind devastation is certainly a force to reckon with. Pat Beans for me. I miss having a kitty and sometimes think a shadow on the floor is her.

Ellen D. said...

I like the murals they have painted on that building.
My sister's brother-in-law was caught in a tornado in Birmingham, Alabama and had to crawl through the ruins of his home to get out. He built a new home in a different area of Birmingham but several years later, that home was damaged by another tornado. That time he survived by climbing in the bathtub but was able to fix the damage to that house and still lives there today.

Kathe said...

What a story about that tornado! The randomness is what makes it so horrifying to me. Wrong place at the wrong time. I have relatives in Oklahoma City and for the life of me cannot understand why they don't move out of that Tornado Alley!
Looks like I gave you bad info about corn and barriers. I need to stick with wheat! And cows. :)