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Monday, October 10, 2022

I Am a Superior Lover

 Superior, Nebraska (pop. 1825)

I took a walk into town.  I liked this town.
Their business district was made up of two short streets.
I love those old brick buildings.

Straightaway I came upon their only thrift store.

Can you believe it...no books!
The young woman said she hadn’t unpacked them yet.
Just where she was going to place them I couldn’t tell.
Every bit of space had already been taken up with ‘stuff’.

Back out on my walk, as usual, I encountered not one person walking about.
Whoever it was that asked long ago how come I never get people in my downtown street shots, thanks a lot.  It has now become a challenge for me.

I can say that Superior had dozens of these old decorated bicycles 
around town standing outside of store fronts.  What a nice touch.

If my sometimes fellow traveler Amanda was with me, we’d be in this Mexican restaurant for sure.
It sure smelled good as I walked by the kitchen along the side of the building.

At the end of one of the streets stood this magnificent brick building.

Looking through the door it appeared to have been a theater at one time but then the basketball court markings on the hardwood floor led me to believe maybe it was the old school.

But why would a school have a ticket booth in the lobby?

I passed a couple of kids while crossing over to the next block.  
I asked them if they new what that brick building once was.  “I don’t know.” 
 How can you grow up in a small town and not know every building in it?

I next came upon their current operating theatre. All I could think of was toothpaste.

Good town.  It has a laundromat.

 I don’t have enough dirty laundry to warrant a wash just yet.

And that was it.  I had seen downtown.  
On a side street back to the park I stopped in their store and picked up a small steak for dinner.

Back in the day murals on the side of the store.

A bit farther this home had some

Darn. I had just bought eggs recently.

I came upon another bicycle.  This one was a classic Schwinn Breeze three-speed in very good condition.  Bicycles like these all I saw are hard to come by, and here they are all about the town of Superior and not one was locked up.  Only in the Midwest would you see that.
I wanted this bike.  I have always enjoyed restoring old bicycles.


sparklingmerlot said...

I think it was me who commented on the lack of people. You only mention kids, now that I come to think of it. The only adults you seem to interact with are in stores. At least kids still get outside.
The sky looks warm and the bikes are gorgeous.

Kathe said...

Perfect walkabout in a perfect town and it looks like perfect weather. All you needed was an ice cream cone at the end.
Maybe the tickt booth was for sporting events in the school? I remember selling tickets and stamping hands for the basketball games. We were BIG on basketball in ND. Inside, you know.
I wonder if the girl would have let you browse through the book boxes? Maybe not if they were in the back room. Oh, well, you tried!

Debby said...

The bikes around town are a very sweet touch. I love the old brick buildings as well. That building is amazing. If you right click on your photograph, and then click on google lens on the drop down, you will see that it is the Superior Auditorium. Read more about it here. https://www.1011now.com/2022/06/21/superior-auditorium-is-busy-again/

Barbara R. said...

That's my old Schwinn 3 speed...but mine was green! Good to know that trick with Google, thanks Debbie. I rode mine for miles when I was first time in college. I don't remember what kind I rode the time I went back as a single mom and finally got my degrees...but bikes on campus were the thing for me! OK, you're going to have to ask some store owner to come outside to get their photo taken so the town doesn't look so deserted...or something like that!

Ellen D. said...

I have my Schwinn bike that I got in 1960. It is blue but no gears or handbrakes just pedal brakes as my folks thought gears and handbrakes would be too much for me to manage when I was 10! I don't know what to do with the bike now so it sits in the basement. Do you think it is worth anything?