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Saturday, October 8, 2022

In The Land of Freddy’s


Grand Island, Nebraska

After successfully getting the propane tank filled we went across town to this nutrition store so I could buy some supplements I have been searching for.  The parking lot looked inviting.  I asked the pill guy if we’d be rousted by the authorities if we spent the night here.  He didn’t think so.  “So no nighttime security patrols the mall parking lot?”  “No.”  This would be less problematic than Walmart just down the street.

And right on the other side of us was a Freddy’s Steakburger.  Freddy’s is of Kansas origin and their burgers are good, a step above most run-of-the-mill burger joints.
This would be my dinner.

I walked in just before 6 p.m.  No one there.  Cool!
I gave the kid my order adding if they gave old people discounts.  This threw him for a loop.  He had to go confer with his manager who was probably of the same age, early to mid-twenties.  The manger comes over, says nothing, goes through an entire process of tapping out a whole lot of somethings on the screen, swiping a card and responds to my casual comment about processing a senior discount of I guess you don’t get that request often? with a mumble and grunt.  He gives me my receipt.  “Your order is number 101.”
A few minutes later a loud garbled message comes over the sound system in rapid-speak.  Seeing there are no other customers in the house, whatever was said must pertain to my order.  I walk over to the other counter.  There is a bag sitting there.  Inside sat a small carton which must contain a burger.  Two of the four or five cooks in the kitchen look over at me.  I look at them.  
“You number 101?” one of them asks.  “That’s it.”  
“Uh...there is supposed to be a turtle sundae too.”
“You pick that up over by the register.”
I walk back.  Manager Mumble is preparing my sundae and hands it to me.  He is like in high intensity mode and there are no other customers!!  What is this guy like when it gets busy?
These younger people operate at 78 rpm where I am going through life at thirty-three and a third, an analogy which would be lost on them. 
I walked out just shaking my head.

The steakburger is always bigger than the bun with Freddy’s.

In the end the burger wasn’t all that notable as I had remembered them for years past.  Perhaps these kids didn’t do it up so well.  I probably will not get one again.  I’ve had their patty melt along ago.  They have a couple other items I may try sometime down the road.  And that turtle sundae.  I got the mini.  They also have a small (twice the mini) and a regular (three times the size)  My goodness!  How can anyone eat those larger ones?  I could barely handle the mini.  Too rich for me.  
They’re enough to make your teeth hurt.

- comment replies -
I loved hearing about Mrs. Kasper’s store Kathe.  Thank you. There is a very good chance that we will return to the flyover country again next year.  It is my favorite part of our country to visit.
Sparkilng, I suspect the corn is feed for livestock as it sure didn’t look edible to me.  Kind of dried out.  Maybe one of the farm girls following the blog knows.

New reader John (welcome), asked what my plan was when I am no longer able or comfortable with this lifestyle.  I don’t know.  That is something that I think about more than I would really like to think about. 
This is why I enjoy meeting nomads older than I.  They inspire me. 


sparklingmerlot said...

That burger and sundae don't look that appetising. What a shame.
What do you feed Beans? I'm assuming she has a litter tray in the RV. I love reading about your travels, John, but Beans has a special place in my heart!!!

Jackie M said...

Most corn grown in the U.S. is for animal feed or Ethanol. That nice looking stuff you find in the grocery store or farm stand is not the same variety.
Jackie M

Barbara R. said...

Mumble manager and staff do sound like nobody told them a bit about courtesy in their upbringing, or even staff training! Keep hanging out with older folks...and learning what they did right to get to be older!!

Debby said...

The training would come from Mr. Mumble. If he doesn't expect it from his staff, they will simply act like he does. Never heard of a Freddy burger chain.

Kathe said...

I'm not much of a corn expert but I believe it's what Jackie said. They even make plastic out of it. My most memorable experience with corn was one afternoon when I was about 8 years old. My older sister was having one of her "take it out on Kathe" days and was torturing me by holding me down and pretending she was going to spit on me. I managed to get away and told her I was going to walk home to town (3 1/2) miles. Got caught in a corn field. Corn was over my head. Finally calmed down enough to follow the furrow to the edge of field. Kind of like a new growth forrest. Snuck into town and never said a word to my folks.
I'm thinking young and working in a burger joint isn't where they want to be.

anonymous said...

I had to laugh at your description of your 'service' (if you call it that) from those young people. It's everywhere. I get it all the time. NO eye contact, mumbling/grunting (esp. males) and what appears to be slower processing of incoming information. LOL! I guess they're so used to staring at their phone's human contact is alien to them. Oh well.
Paranormal John

Toc said...

Enunciation and pronunciation! You hit 2 of my pet peeves today. Maybe the fast talk is the new trend but I seldom understand a younger person who is behind the counter or over the phone. Typing, Driver Training and Latin were the 3 most useful classes I had in high school. Perhaps Public Speaking should be added to that list. First Grandma rant of the day!

Upriverdavid said...

I was a 45'er, recall the small disc with the big hole?
Had to go find the adapter when I wanted to play them.
I still have tons of them along with my 8 tracs and players..
Have I dated myself?......(;+)....