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Friday, October 21, 2022

Meade, Kansas and Beyond


Meade, Kansas (pop. 1505)

It was a sixty-two mile drive to Meade from Greensburg, made into seventy-two miles by some unknown situation on the highway that caused a detour of ten extra miles.  The weekend calls for some nice high eighty degree days (30 C) then a sudden thirty degree drop on Monday.  So we need to keep moving south everyday to escape the cold.

Someone is a pretty good artist.

A nice stone building for indoor activities.

The older playground had two of those maypole spinner go-arounds like the school in Alkabo.

There is a newer playground also.
Look at the fall colors coming in.

Beans likes this place.  Some she does, some she couldn’t care any less.
Cats...go figure.

Odd they had plug-ins and didn’t want you to use them.

It was a chilly morning without the heater then the sun cleared the trees at 9 a.m.

In no great hurry since our next stop was just thirty-some miles away we left at noon.

Downtown Meade didn’t differ much from all the other towns we’ve been through.

I stopped at their grocery store for a bag of salad.
Well, this doesn’t look good.
Sure enough, it was closed, out of business.
What the heck? This town doesn’t have a grocery store?  Where do they get their groceries from?

We continued on out of town.  No salad for me tonight.  I saw a lady walking along the road.  I pulled over and asked.  “Oh they moved.  It is right on up ahead on the edge of town. You can’t miss it.”
And that’s how it is traveling the country with a GPS with fifteen-year old information. 
Always an adventure.

Nice store and I got my bag of salad.

Thirty miles later and a mile of rough washboard road we arrived at the turnoff to a “real gem of a campground with showers.”  Talk about disappointment!!

Fourteen miles more we were in Liberal, Kansas.  I pulled over right away to eat the other half of my Subway sandwich I had bought on the way out of Greensburg.  After more ‘sight-seeing’ because of bad directions from Claire my GPS girl, we found Walmart, our home for the night. 

Goofy cat would rather hang out in a Walmart parking lot than a city park. 


Sandi said...

Wal-mart has become a cultural phenomena ...and an oasis!

Barbara R. said...

Well, Beans know what she knows. Since the playground equipment didn't suit her taste, you know, no tunnels with a mouse running through it...at least mice probably prowl Walmart's environment (hopefully only the parking lot.

Kathe said...

I'm thinking Beans likes to play Head Games with you. Cats are all about control. :) You are her Human. I'm finding myself getting nervous you are going to end up in a snowstorm if you don't hurry on! If you see a sign, Donner Pass, DON'T TAKE IT!!!

Debby said...

Kathe made me laugh!

I think Beans knows that they sell the good catfood in there. She's got a hankering to do some shopping.

Debby said...

I was looking at a map. Buckle your seatbelts, commenters! John is about to step over the state line. Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico coming along in quick succession, if my guessing is right!

Upriverdavid said...

Ice on my birdbath this morning. Just a hint. It was 80* last week..
Ride safe!
Google has just put a roadblock in my commenting.They want to send a code to my cell and I live in the mtns. with no cell service.
I had to turn my phone on and get the code. I hope I don't have to do this for you or the few others I like to say " HOWDY" to. Turn the phone on to wifi which isn't always friendly..