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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Mystery Solved, Partially


North Lake, Nebraska

I took another walk back to the first campground we stayed at.  It is about a mile away.  Along the bike path/walkway they have marked off distances every quarter of a mile.  That is nice.  
I like to know my pace.

I wanted to get a better photo of the levee road that divides the two lakes for you.
North Lake on the left, Lake Babcock on the right.

The wind was really whipping churning up the water a bit.
Look closely and you can see a ladder for swimmers to get in and out from the water.

Down at the “abandoned” trailer the car I saw come in late that one night was there.

As was someone else.  I can’t even guess what is going on here.
Just glad I didn’t go snooping inside.

It was dark, I was in bed reading and I heard someone messing with the bicycle hanging in back.  I turned on the outside light.  I saw no one.  Beans is looking up at the ceiling.  She hears something.  A bit later I heard the bicycle noise again.  Light on.  There is a cat, a tortie no less, looking in the window.  “Beans, here!”  Meow. Meow! Meow!!  They looked at each other for a half a minute and the cat jumped down.  You think I could find my phone in the bed somewhere to capture this interaction?  Nope. 
The next morning I discovered her footprint when she jumped down.

The cat must live in one of the houses in Lakeview that borders the camp road.

- comment replies -

I am holding off as long as possible on returning to Quartzsite, Arizona this year.  When I return it is as if I never left.  Nothing has changed.  I grow tired of the same old.  I am only there for the warm winter weather.  I may move around more while down there this year.

“What’s the shadiest character you ever came across in your travels?”  Boy, I had to think hard on that one.  What came to mind finally was one time while in Wyoming.  We were by ourselves at a reservoir.  It was the Fourth of July holiday weekend.  One afternoon this beat-to-hell jacked up four wheel drive pickup truck with a blown out muffler came rolling in and stopped.  Its Wyoming remember.  Loud heavy metal music blasting.  Inside are two guys and woman, a rough looking trio.  The passenger guy climbs out and walks up to our door.  He’s covered with tattoos holding a beer in his hand, cigarette dangling from his mouth.

“Hello in there.”
“Everything okay?”
“We saw you had your hood up.  Thought you were having engine trouble.”
“Oh, I leave it up to discourage the rodents from getting in there chewing things up.”
“Okay.  Good.  Well we are camped down by the dam.  If you ever need anything come on down.”
“Why thank you.  We’re good.  Just trying to make it through the holiday weekend.”
“Okeedoke. Have a nice day.”
And they drove away, music blasting, beer cans rolling around in the back.  
As the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover.

“How many miles a year do you put on the RV?’
Since full time on the road:
2017 - 12,249
2018 - 12,128
2019 - 5,537
2020 - 4,207
2021 - 7,091



Barbara R. said...

How great that a tortie visited you in the night, climbing your bike like a ladder to the roof. Glad you captured her footprint!

Debby said...

Is there a reason you always winter in Quartzsite? Can you winter somewhere else in Arizona or even New Mexico?

If those 'shady' characters, are the worst ones you ever came across in your travels, I would say you are doing well. The shady characters we come across tend to be pretty light fingered.

Kathe said...

I would think safety would be a big factor in deciding where to winter. My in-laws wintered in Yuma for years and years. They would go down over the border to Algodonas, Mexico to shop. Probably spelling that wrong. It was right over the border. Everyone felt safe coming and going. I pray we get back to that again. They loved Quartzsite.