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Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Sliver Streak


Littlefield, Texas

Here is the scene again of our current camp in Waylon Jennings Park.
Look to the right, behind us is a ‘tin can’ trailer.

This is a Silver Streak.  Its a confusing history but its safe to say they were made from 1949 through to 1997, the final ten years were custom built models only.  They resemble the more famously known Airstream trailers as the design was influenced by Wally Byam, the creator of Airstream.

Personally I like these more so.  I think they are so cool looking.  But then that has always been me.  I shy away from the popular and gravitate to the lesser known.  Always have regardless what it is.

This poor trailer has been around the block a few times.  You cannot see it in this photo but the roof is heavily dented from hailstorms.  The truck pulling it looked destined for the scrapyard.  The back was packed with all manner of tools, equipment, spare tires (3) and whatever else they may need.  I suspect they live full time on the road as we do.  I finally saw the woman one day.  She was probably in her forties or so and had long dreadlocks.  I never saw the guy until the day they were preparing to leave. I was surprised.  He looked just like one of the regular guys I have been seeing in the farmlands of the midwest all year. Short hair, clean shaved, plaid shirt, Levis, sneakers and a baseball cap.  What a odd couple.  They had a big bear of a dog. Calm, peaceful, never a peep out from him if I walked by, unlike this woman from Colorado on the far end.  Her two dogs are an issue that needs to be dealt with, or rather she needs to be.

Beans meanwhile will tear into them if they dare come near.
I don’t worry about her.  She can defend herself quite well.

You might be wondering what were they doing all that time inside the trailer that you never saw them, especially the guy, until they left?  I think he made this birdhouse for he hung it up before pulling out.

- comment reply -
“For all the years you’ve been traveling, what has been your most soul satisfying travel year?” 
 I have enjoyed every year of travel.  I love seeing something new and different every day regardless of what part of the country we are in.  But the question was “soul satisfying”.  For that it was this year.  I just felt it more, a connection with the land we traveled and the small towns we visited.  I was deeply impressed with the farmer’s life, the hard work they put in every single day just to put food in our stores ultimately winding up on our tables.  We think nothing about it.  But when seeing it on the grand scale it is, up close, it is overwhelming to comprehend.  Then I think of how these hard working folk endure the brutal winters every year, I cannot imagine.  Yep, this year touched my soul.


Upriverdavid said...

If I was a bird I'd be Coo-Coo-Cooing about that swell new home!
.......(;+)..Just David again...

Debby said...

I wondered. I wondered a lot, because following your blog posts, reading further about the places you have been, learning about the people you have met along the way as I follow your route on the map has been satisfactory to my own soul. It is not satisfying, mind you, because I have itchy feet of my own, but your blog is satisfactory. Thanks John.

Kathe said...

Our lives leave a fragrance. Some sweeter than others. That birdhouse speaks of that man's soul. Those that are filled have some to give to others. Satisfying. And perhaps making the other hungry too at the same time, like Debby said. Speaks of our Creator. Thanks, John. Beautiful glimpse into life.

Barbara Rogers said...

NOw I'm going to be rewinding in my memory which year most touched my soul. Maybe. My zen leaning is just to savor this moment. Great to hear all about that trailer.