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Monday, October 24, 2022

Unhappy, Texas


I kind of was planning on staying another day at Texhoma Park in Dumas just to take advantage of the electricity to run the heater for it was to be at freezing the next morning.  But we’ve had enough of Dumas and left Monday.  Only two other travelers came in for the night on the windy afternoon previous.

Diesel was at $4.99 at the Walmart on the south edge of town.  
That is the highest since August 5 in North Dakota.
Another hundred dollar bill...

We went through Amarillo, Texas, the biggest town for us in a long time. 
Over two hundred thousand people! 
Nervous driving.  

We got through Amarillo unscathed and stopped in

Happy, Texas (pop. 678)

First impression:  this is not a happy place.

A YouTube traveler I follow was here a week ago.

As she walked down the street she got some “looks” from the locals.
Well, she was filming at the time.

On her way back to her car someone had let out a dog to guard the street corner.
It was barking at her.
She had to cross over to the other side of the street.

No one gave me any looks.  No dog was guarding the street corner either.  No one was out.
The place was dead.

All the towns we’ve been in this season looked happier.

I fixed some lunch.  A gray cat came by to look at Beans through the front windshield.  
It didn’t look happy.  It looked frightened and ran off.

I ate my lunch, let Beans out, then we left Happy, Texas.

We continued on for Plainview (pop. 22,143) where we’ve stayed before.  
Nothing special - Walmart, but a lot nicer than Happy.
Our home got a much needed wash driving through this heavy rainstorm.
It was a hundred twenty-five mile day for us.  That’s just how it is when traveling in Texas.


Debby said...

Happy, Texas is the saddest little town I've ever seen. Can you imagine being a child growing up in a place like that? Quite a contrast to all the tiny little towns you showed in the Dakotas, with their murals, and their playgrounds and their municipal swimming pools. This town is falling apart and there are no ladies spending hours on their riding lawnmowers to make things pretty.

Two entirely different worlds.

Barbara Rogers said...

For some strange techno reason, your first photo of Happy didn't come through. But the rest of them sure did give the message. If you can be happy here, just think what fun you'll have...anywhere else! I am always amazed at the vast distances between things of interest in Texas. And then I think of my ancestors who settled in Hillsboro and Huntsville, San Antonio and Houston. And then some of them would visit others, either by horse power or early cars! Have fun now that you're not in Happy any more!

Ellen D. said...

Happy,Texas does look very sad. Glad you decided to keep on moving.

John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

I think I fixed it Barbara. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Kathe said...

Oxymoron comes to mind.
Hey! John! You would have been proud of me yesterday in the line at Chick Fil-A They had a kid standing outside taking orders. Mumble, no eye contact, talked in stacatto. I had just had it! "Please speak louder and more slowly! I can't understand you." He looked startled and made an effort. It occured to me we get older and feel embarrassed we can't understand when it isn't us at all. I'm so done with that! I'll be nice and even say, Honey or Sweetie. But I'm going to start educating these poor kids who never were taught. One small step for mankind.
Sounds like Western Texas is Put the Pedal to the Metal Time.

sparklingmerlot said...

Those are magnificent clouds.
I guess Happy was doomed as soon as it was named!